2011 will be the year of victory for the Afghan Mujahid people

Enemies of the Afghan Mujahid people and the occupiers of our hero-bearing land admit now that 2010 was a year of troubles, casualties and worries for them. The Arab News reports that Pentagon has conceded that in 2010, American casualties in Afghanistan in terms of fatality and injuries had gone up from hundreds into thousands. They say, Taliban’s strength and movability has increased.

Pentagon and the American war machine now have to disclose the facts about the war of Afghanistan which they were not willing in the past to unveil or admit. They thought that the repeated launching of strategies by Obama would achieve some tangible gains in 2010 to become stuff for domestic and global consumption and, meanwhile, show advancement at military and political fronts. Contrarily, the Mujahiddeen frustrated the vastly trumpeted operations of Kandahar and Helmand by using their minuscule cache of weapons and ammunitions and relying on the help of the Almighty Allah (SwT). These operations were being carried out under the direct supervision and command of Obama and the British Prime Minister. Moreover, the operations of Mujahideen continued against the invaders in all parts of Afghanistan successfully throughout 2010 on the basis of a triumphant strategy, which had far less casualties for the Mujahideen. They dealt constant blow at the invaders in every part of the country, dumbfounding the enemy to know which part of the province and district have the most concentration of the Mujahideen forces.

The Mujahideen regularly targeted their enemies in every area, village, highway, plantation field, every ravine and gorge all around the clock. The invaders perceived every inch of the country as being an apparition of threat and danger. As result, in November last year, in the Portuguese capital Lisbon, the NATO Summit decided to withdraw foreign forces from Afghanistan in 2014.

Obama sent General Petraeus to Afghanistan to conduct the war as he was the most experienced and eminent general in the eye of Obama. He tried vainly in 2010 to terrorize The Afghans by implementing the American shock and awe policy, resorting to aerial bombardment, destruction of villages and localities and civilian genocide. He thought the people would abstain from supporting the Mujahideen. However, far from turning away from the support of Mujahideen, the common people’s unstinted support to Mujahideen increased manifold in comparison with the past years.

The support was so strong and close that the invaders were not able to tell the common man from a Taliban. On the other hand, the Americans spread the rumors and conspiracy of negotiation in 2010, claiming that some officials of the Islamic Emirate have had contacts with them and that some rounds of the talks had already taken place in some undisclosed places and the next rounds were to be held soon. This ploy of the American also went awry with the help of the Almighty Allah (SwT) and had no achievement. They were not able to lure even an active group commander or a low-ranking official of the Islamic Emirate to entangle him in their cobweb or beguile him through the hypes of negotiation.

It was due to this commitment and dedication of the Mujahideen and their leaders with the Jihad and the Islamic Emirate that last week, the New York Time reported, the Taliban now have more unity and coordination among themselves.

In view of the status quo characterized by casualties and setbacks to the enemy and with the public opinions being against the war, what Obama and Petraeus expect to achieve in 2011 which would turn the tide in their favor or vice versa, is it not that they may face more humiliating setbacks and retreats? Those who have sagacity can draw a conclusion now that Afghanistan has become a hotbed of death, destruction and collapse for the Americans and no strategy by Obama will ever change it to their advantage nor the genocide launched by Petraeus will terrorize it into submission or control it. Contrarily, 20101 will be the year of victory for the Afghan Mujahideen with the help of the Almighty Allah (SwT). The pure blood of the Afghan Muslim nation will bring in yield in the current year, if God willing.

Source: Voice of Jihad


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