Where is the Evidence, O State of Falsehood

(Arrahmah.com) – The fourth issue of Al-Nafir Bulletin, Sha’ban 1437 Hijra, published an article titled “Where is the Evidence, O State of Falsehood” for the Islamic State (IS) group’s leader, Ibrahim Al-Badri.

Here is the English translation of Question for History that translated by the Global Islamic Media Front.

The spokesman of Ibrahim Al-Badri slandered the Al-Qaeda Command and other Mujahideen, claiming they commited kufr acts and are apostates, and the Al-Qaeda Command is deviant in its religion, it does not make takfir on the taghut, and it takes after the majority.

We did not find the spokesman to offer any argument of evidence, but only cries of takfir, curses, and lies.

We now ask Ibrahim Al-Badri himself, to indicate if he is forced or coerced in his order? Or if he is the head of these fabrications? We do not excuse him in either case.

Ibrahim Al-Badri, it is said you received a doctorate degree, thus you should know how to write scientific messages and how to present evidence. We ask you: What is your detailed evidence of the facts, documents, and proofs concerning the Al-Qaeda Command being kaffir?

We await your answer and from no one else. Must we wait long?


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