60 Minutes: Kill Bin Laden

This is a short documentary by 60 Minutes on the hunt to kill Shaykh Usaamah bin Laadin in the Tora Bora conflict. Here are a few points regarding this documentary:

  1. It is a beautiful display of how Allah protects whomsoever He wills from the enemies of the religion.
  2. The Tora Bora fight was both severe and a laughingstock. This was because the harsh bombing campaign upon the stretch of mountains was a display of America’s extreme cowardice to confront the Mujahideen. America had the Mujahideen surrounded, yet Allah paved a way for His worshipers.
  3. Allah used the Murtadeen and Washington itself to prevent the Delta Force from coming in direct contact with the Mujahideen.
  4. Even after the hours of the extreme bombing, the Mujahideen were standing strong and fearless.
  5. It’s a possibility that Shaykh Usaamah made certain remarks about failure in order to trick the United States into thinking that they have them cornered.
  6. Even the Murtadeen were in awe to hear Shaykh Usaamah’s voice over the radio.
  7. Delta Force wished to infiltrate the ranks of the Mujahideen by blending in with them, but Allah saved the Mujahideen from the plots of the Kuffaar.
  8. Even one of the leaders of the Murtadeen admitted to the Delta Force, “You cannot handle al-Qaa’idah in the Mountains.” This is a proof against the Munaafiqeen who say the Mujahideen are not well-trained or good fighters. Today, this is echoing even louder from many perspectives, one of the latest being the statement of the UK Commander in Afghanistan, “We cannot win this war.”

To watch the documentary, click below.



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