A joint statement issued by Jamaat Jundullah in Palestine and Dawat Al-Haq Institution regarding the incident of killing of the Egyptian soldiers

(Arrahmah.com) – We have received with deep shock the news of killing of the Egyptian soldiers in the Egyptian Rafah city, and we condemn this act that is contrary to all the policies and guidelines of the Salafi Jihadi stream and has nothing to do with it and we confirm the following: 

1. Salafi Jihadi stream is part of the sons of the Ummah that defend its religion, land, honor, pride, dignity and do jihad for the sake of Allah so that it may live a decent life.

2. The arms of the Salafi Jihadi stream in Palestine is aimed only at the enemies of the Ummah the Zionists, and the ascending of tens of martyrs during the past days, months and years is an proof on that, and any act that is contrary to that the sons of the Salafi Jihadi stream cannot be criminalized for and its committer bears the responsibility alone.

3. The leaders of the Salafi Jihadi stream emphasized repeatedly in their video and audio speeches from the martyr sheikh Osama bin Laden and Dr. Aymen Al-Zawahiri on the sanctity of the blood of Muslims and the suspending executing of any operation that might lead to harming the Muslims and here we repeat the words of martyr sheikh Ateyatalla “May our groups, organizations and project perish rather than have the blood of one Muslim shed by our hands”. 

4. The Egyptian people and the Palestinian people no one can separate between them and cause enmity and hatred among them and the Egyptians love for jihad against Israel is not lesser than the Palestinians.

5- We warn of a dangerous conspiracy between Egyptian and Israeli security parties that aim secure the Zionist entity and prevent any Jihadi act against the state of occupation.

Our Egyptian people Our Palestinian people Our Ummah:

Your sons the mujahidin will only be a sword on the Zionist enemy and servants to you so that you may live a proud decent life.

Jamaat Jundullah in Palestine  and  Dawat Al-Haq Institution

Monday 2012-08-06 corresponding 18 Ramadan 1433 A.H.



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