"A Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to Our Fellow Muslims in Egypt " by Sheikh Ayman AL Zawahiri

In the Name of Allah. May peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, and upon his family, companions and all those who follow him.

To proceed:

In my previous episode, I dealt with the answer to the first question, “What is the situation we are in?”

Today, I will complete my discussion of the current situation of Egypt, but before I start to explain, I wish to leave this topic, which is “A Message of Hope and Glad Tidings to the People of Egypt,” to mention another important yet dangerous topic, which is the sanctity of Muslim life, about which the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam said,

“That the entire world ceases to exists is less important to Allah than the (unlawful) killing of a Muslim.”

There are some operations which are ascribed to the Mujahideen, some by due right and others otherwise, in which transgressions occur against Muslims in their mosques, their markets, and other gathering places. About this, I say the following:

Regardless of whether the ascription of these acts to the Mujahideen are correct or incorrect, my brothers and I in Al-Qaedah declare to Allah that we are innocent from these attacks, and that we object to them, whether those who carry them are the Mujahideen or others. Ameer-ul-Mu’mineen, Mulla Muhammad Umar, may Allah protect him, has also previously mentioned this point, as did Sheikh Usamah bin Laden, may Allah protect him, Sheikh Atiyyatullah, may Allah protect him, Sheikh Abu Yahya Al Libi, may Allah protect him, and as I also did myself. Sheikh Usamah bin Laden, may Allah protect him, has requested me to reiterate this point again, and thus I advise each and every Mujahid to keep the Islamic rulings and the interests of the Muslims in forefront before carrying out any Jihadi operation, and to remember that we are not waging Jihad for anything other than the pleasure of Allah Most High, which cannot be gained except by following His religion and abiding by its rulings. When planning any operation, they should try their utmost to avoid the deaths and injuries of anyone whose blood is prohibited, whether Muslim or otherwise. They should try as much as possible to avoid harming innocent Muslims in their attacks of the enemy, who have planted themselves in their midst (called tatarrus), as well as any others who are impermissible to kill, of course, other than what is necessary or that which unintentionally results from a mistake. They should be very careful not to be lax in this matter of tatarrus.

I ask Allah to make all of our deeds in accordance with His religion and for His Pleasure alone.

I return to my message of hope and glad tidings to our fellow Muslims in Egypt.

In the previous message of these series, I spoke of the reality of the ruling government in Egypt, and mentioned that it is one which has left the path of Islam. I spoke of the first type of corruption, which is that of creed, and I explained that the Egyptian government is one which is secular, despotic, and nationalistic. Then, I explained how this government arose, mentioning that it was part of the Ottoman state, and that the scholars at that time implemented the obligation of enjoining good and prohibiting evil. Then, I mentioned the French campaign and how it was a campaign of a government secular in creed, crusader at heart with a Zionist inclination. I then spoke about the introduction of secular laws during the reign of Muhammad Ali and his children, the British occupation of Egypt, and the stances taken by the leading Azhari scholars about Khedive Tawfeeq and their fatwa about his apostasy. Then, I discussed the cunning ways in which the British administered Egypt, which is how our enemies, especially the Crusaders, administer our lands today.

I mentioned how the British strove to corrupt the rule of law in Egypt by forming a secular, nationalistic state which claims to be independent and democratic, but in reality, is a state administered by the bayonets and canons of the occupiers, and that the British made efforts in various spheres to achieve this, the first of them being the corruption of the legislative branch of the government.

Today I begin, seeking help in Allah, by speaking about the second sphere in which the British made efforts in corrupting the rule of law in Egypt, which was that they granted them fake independence.

When the British entered Egypt, they left Khedive Tawfeeq and his government intact, which was only nominally affiliated with the Ottoman state. In reality, all of its affairs were being administered by the High Commissioner. The most well-known of these commissioners was Cromer, who was assigned to the post in the year 1883 CE and remained in this post for twenty-four years, employing his authority as the actual ruler of Egypt. Today, this is the same role played by the US ambassador in Egypt.

Cromer turned Egypt into a state subjected to the service of the British, despite the presence of the Khedive and the Egyptian government who served as tools in service of British interests. Thus, the fact that matters is not whether there is government with a president or a king; what matters is whether the government administers its affairs freely and independently, or whether it cannot, acting as a mere mask for the service of the occupying forces, or a government born of the infidel foreign invaders, and thus illegitimate.

If these movements that are affiliated with Islam and Islamic preachers claim to be guiding the Muslims to accept legitimacy of the likes of these governments, have they fulfilled the trust which Allah has made an obligation upon them? Or have they tricked or tried to trick the Muslims? Are they the ones about whom Allah Most High has said:

“It is only those who have knowledge among His slaves that fear Allah. Verily, Allah is All-Mighty, Oft-Forgiving.” (Fatir: 28)

And those about whom Allah Most High has said:

“Let there arise out of you a group of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining Al-Ma’ruf (i.e. Islamic Monotheism and all that Islam orders one to do) and forbidding Al-Munkar (polytheism and disbelief and all that Islam has forbidden). And it is they who are the successful.” (Aali Imran: 104)

Or are they from those about whom Allah Most High has said:

“(And remember) when Allah took a covenant from those who were given the Scripture to make it known and clear to mankind, and not to hide it, but they threw it away behind their backs, and purchased with it some miserable gain! And indeed worst is that which they bought.” (Aali Imran: 187)

And those about whom Allah Most High also said:

“The likeness of those who were entrusted with the Torah, but who subsequently failed in those (obligations), is as the likeness of a donkey which carries huge burdens of books. How bad is the example of people who deny the Ayat (proofs, evidence, verses, signs, revelations) of Allah. And Allah guides not the people who are wrong-doers.” (Al-Jumuah: 5)

At any cost, let us return to this Cromer and the British Rule of Egypt, and their shaping of its government into a tool for British interests. The clearest example of this is their employment of the Egyptian army in order to put an end to the Mahdi Movement in Sudan.

In 1896, the British launched a campaign which consisted of a number of British and Egyptian units led by Kitchener. Throughout several battles, the Mahdi Movement proved successful, setting examples of courage and bravery in confrontation of an army far more advanced in weapons and equipment. After these battles, on September of 1898, Kitchener with his Anglo-Egyptian army confronted Khaleefah Abdullah in the decisive battle of Karrari in northern Omdurman, and the Anglo-Egyptian army armed with their Maxim and L.M. Field Guns was successful in defeating the army of Khaleefah with their spears and swords. The automatic cannons of the British plowed through the army of the Mahdi Movement, killing an estimated eleven thousand and wounding another sixteen thousand, while only forty-eight men died in the Anglo-Egyptian army.

We need to stop and think about some, actually many, aspects concerning the Battle of Karrarim. What happened in the Battle of Karrari still happens today. Who helped the US implement sanctions against Iraq? Who helped them invade it? Who helped them invade Afghanistan? Who is implementing the sanctions on Gaza? Who are the ones in pursuit of the Mujahideen, arresting, torturing and killing them?

Aren’t they these corrupt regimes in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan and Algeria?

Have these governments not offered all their support to America and the West in their new Crusades against Islam, which they call the “war on terror”?

1) The role played by the Egyptian army today under the leadership of Hosni Mubarak is the same role it played in Karrari under the leadership of Lord Kitchener. The Egyptian army which killed the followers of Mahdi is the same Egyptian army which has laid siege on Iraq and extended its hands to help the invading forces in Afghanistan and Iraq with supplies and fuel, opening its airports and seaports for Crusader jets and soldiers, and opening the Suez Canal for their fleets which carried, and continues to carry, destruction of the Muslims in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. Names and faces have changed, but the reality, massacres and treachery has not. The white-man Kitchener has gone and the brown-man Kitchener has come. This is the first point.

2) What happened in Karrari has been repeating itself all over our Islamic lands for the past two centuries. Over the expanse of the Islamic world, the invading Crusader forces in their imperialistic Crusades have been faced with a heroic resistance, but its advancement in weaponry allowed it to gain victory. Do we ask, why have we fallen back in the sciences and arts of war? How have they advanced over us? This is an extremely dangerous question, because it summarizes the reasons of our defeats, occupation, and enslavement by the Western Zio-Christian Crusader forces.

We have fallen behind for many reasons, and if Allah makes it easy, we may mention them some other time. But among them is our political weakness and corruption which has turned our forces against our own people and spoiled our economies. It is also due to our preoccupation in the errors in dialectics, Sufism, and superstitions which have made us neglect the natural sciences. Another cause is the West’s control over us and our resources, and thus our deprivation from any proper usage of them which would enable us to advance and strengthen ourselves.

In summary, we can never reach the technological advancement of the West at this stage. They have surpassed us by far for many reasons which must be studied in order to answer the previous question of our falling behind and their advancement.

But what concerns me now, and I summarize, is to touch on another question, which is, “How can we reconcile this gap between us and the Western world?”

The technological gap between us has grown great indeed, and this has also led to a huge gap in the military field as well. If we continue to use what they force upon us from weapons, means, and battlegrounds, we will continue to remain slaves, subject to their theft and control through their military might. If we cannot produce weapons in this stage that can match those of the Crusader West, we can still ruin its complex system of economics and industry. We can exhaust its forces that fight without any creed until they flee. For this reason, the Mujahideen had to innovate new techniques which the West could not think of. From these types of bold and courageous ideas was to use airplanes as powerful weapons, as was done in the blessed raids on Washington, New York and Pennsylvania.

Also, from the results of the fall of the Mahdi state in Sudan was the implementation of bipartite rule in Sudan, its bitter traces which can still be seen there today. Without proper study of this subject, the problems of Sudan, in general, and of Southern Sudan, in specific, cannot be understood.

In summary, the bipartite rule was formed due to the accords prepared by Cromer to rule Sudan, which was called the Anglo-Egyptian Agreement. It stipulated that the British would suggest the ruler of Sudan who would be appointed by the Khedive of Egypt. It was a nominally bipartite rule, but in reality, it was a British rule which continued for a period of about sixty years. In this bipartite rule, the British made Southern Sudan into a closed zone stated in the “closed door” ordinances, which Egyptians and Northern Sudanese were not allowed to enter other than for official reasons or with special authorizations. Europeans, however, were allowed to move about freely in the south. The southerners were warned from resembling the northerners in their dress and way of life, and the area was purged of all Arabs and Muslims. The use of Arabic language and Islamic signs and customs were vehemently fought against, and even Islamic names were forbidden. Their dealings were limited to the British. They would deal severely with whoever was found speaking Arabic or displaying Islamic symbols. Free reign was given to evangelical groups, and with this, the seeds were thrown for the crop which harvested the partition of Southern Sudan from the North.

With the onset of World War I and Turkey’s announcement of entering the war on the side of the Germans, the British announced that Egypt was a British Protectorate in 1914, and they deposed Khedive Abbas II. They appointed his uncle, Hussein Kamel, as the ruler of Egypt and gave him the title “Sultan” to make the masses believe that they became independent of the Ottoman state, and with this, any semblance of relationship with the Ottoman state and Egypt was severed.

In an attempt to quell the growing anger of the masses after World War I, in March 1922, the British then announced that Egypt was an independent kingdom ruled by Fuad I. However, the British reserved the right to interfere in its affairs for any reason that opposed their interests. In other words, they took from their left hand what they granted with their right.

As the signs of appearance of another World War increased, Italy invaded Ethiopia in 1935. This threatened the sovereignty of the British over North and East Africa, and so the British made initiatives to come to a compromise with Egypt, striking an agreement which protected British interests. The British brought a team to negotiate with the rulers, and they struck an agreement in 1936, forming a military alliance between the British and Egypt. Egypt was allowed to enter the international community as an independent nation and open embassies outside, while giving the British the right to keep its forces in the Suez Canal on the condition that it would not exceed ten thousand troops in times of peace.

It is clear from this brief glance at history that the British, throughout their colonization of Egypt, were the actual rulers who kept in mind their own interests. However, they managed to hide this with false claims of the independence of Egyptian government. This is the same policy employed by the Crusader West today, led by America, against our Muslim Ummah in the majority of Muslim lands – a fake independence which in reality is nothing but enslavement.

As I previously mentioned, some of the means employed by the British to ruin the rule of law of Egypt were to alter the legislative body and grant Egypt fake independence. I would like to state a third method employed by the British to ruin the governing law in Egypt: the formation of a nationalistic state based upon race.

The British sought to break apart the Caliphate into small states separated on race, and specifically Egypt. They employed the following means to break up the Caliphate:

1) The British pitted Shareef Hussein bin Ali (The Shareef of Makkah) against the Ottoman state, supplying him weapons and finances. He announced an Arab revolution against the Ottoman state in 1916, and in the same year, the British struck the Sykes-Picot deal with France and Russia to divide the rest of the Ottoman state amongst themselves.

2) Striking deals of protection with the rulers of the Gulf, Kuwait and Abdul Aziz Al Saud. We mentioned some of these deals in the first part of this message.

3) Snatching Palestine from the Ottoman Caliphate and awarding it to the Jews. The story behind the British efforts to attain this goal is one that is very lengthy, progressing from the 19th century, but the clearest example of British adamancy in this respect is the well-known Balfour Promise, which ended with them pulling out of Palestine and granting it to the Jews.

As for British efforts to establish Egypt as a nationalistic entity, I mentioned before that Egypt was actually partitioned from the Ottoman state after British occupation, even though it was officially partitioned later in World War I. It was forced to become a protectorate, but the British were not satisfied with this; they partitioned Egypt from Sudan by forcing them into a bipartite government in 1898, and then sought to divide Sudan with their Closed Door Ordinances.

These Western Crusader policies to dissolve and divide the Islamic world still continue today. Iraq is being divided into three regions: the Kurdish North which has, basically, already been partitioned, the Sunni middle, and the Shiite South. As for Sudan, the South has seceded from the North, and they seek to divide it even further by supporting the secessionists in Darfur, the Nuba Mountains and the East. They are planning to divide Saudi Arabia into three regions: the Eastern, the Central and the Western. As for Egypt, they seek to divide it into two: the Southern Copts with their capital Asyut, and the Muslim north, by supporting the Orthodox minority and pretending to cry over the injustices being meted out to them, while overlooking the aggressions of its Church against the Muslims.

In conclusion, I would like to touch on a dangerous and important subject whose flames continue to grow day by day in Egypt. Indeed it is the transgressions of the Orthodox Coptic Church and its encroachment of and transformation into a government within the government, or to be more exact, a government superior to the government. The explosion which occurred at the Qiddissin Church in Alexandria was one of the results of this encroachment.

To begin with, I would like to clarify that Al-Qaeda had no connection to the explosion which occurred at the Qiddissin Church in Alexandria. Government agencies, the Church’s mouthpieces and secularists try to make it seem as if the matter has reached its climax in Egypt with this car-bombing, while the fact is that it is still raging due to the continuing transgressions of the Orthodox Coptic Church. The Coptic Church has yet to clarify what has become of Wafa Constantine, has yet to release Camellia Shehata, and has yet to clarify what has become of the rest of the women mentioned in the media and the internet. Allah knows best about those who have not been mentioned. The matter still rages and, regretfully, those who inflamed this matter shed false tears today and regret the mention of it, seeking to dissolve themselves of the responsibility and presuming innocence.

First and foremost, it is the leadership of the Orthodox Coptic Church themselves, the head of which is Nazeer Gayed, named St. Shenouda III, enthroned as pope in the beginning of the seventies. Since that day, he has actively sought to spread his belief that Muslims are an occupying force in Egypt and must be ousted as they were in Andalusia (Muslim Spain), and that it is the Orthodox Copts’ right to establish their own independent state. Through the Copts’ support and organization of the “Coptic Diaspora”, they continue to pretend to cry over their assertions of oppression towards Egyptian Copts. This is the role played by Nazeer Gayed, or St. Shenouda. This matter of his was spoken about even by secularists and others who have no affiliation with Al-Qaedah, before Al-Qaedah was even formed.

Mohamed Hassanein Heikal hinted at fact in his book, The Autumn of Fury, and Judge Abdul Ghaffar Muhammad hinted at this fact in the court considerations of the “Great Al Jihad Case”, and tens of writers, journalists and analysts followed suit who had no affiliation with Al-Qaedah; on the contrary, some of them are even enemies to Islamic ideology, while others are Orthodox and non-Orthodox Copts.

The transgressions of St. Shenouda and his aides against the Muslim sentiment and sanctities continue since the events of “Al Zawiyah Al Hamraa” to this day. The list is indeed lengthy and there is no need to recall them all, but who can forget the continual emboldening of the Copts from America and using them as means to give threats?

Who can forget the theatre performance “I was Blind, but Now I can see” which was presented at Mari Girgis church in Alexandria in 2005? I don’t know whether it is the same Church where the bomb exploded.

Who from us can forget the support St. Shenouda and his Church showed to Hosni Mubarak in the previous presidential elections, reminding us of the Church’s alliance to the emperors and kings in their oppression of the masses in the Middle Ages, leading to the French Revolution and the West’s rejection of the Church?

St. Shenouda, who claims that the Holy Spirit descends and guides him, pledged allegiance to the leading Arab Zionist and the most corrupted and corruptive ruler of Egypt!

Who can forget the transgression of St. Bishoy, Shenouda’s deputy, against the Quran and his assertion that the Muslims are guests in Egypt?

Then the torrent reached its climax when Shenouda formed investigative courts and prisons used as torture cells and brainwashing centers for those Christian women who found guidance in Islam. St. Agabo, the priest of Deir Mawas, himself stated about Camellia Shehata, “I am playing with her mind,” and that they would not present her nor Wafa Constantine on the airwaves, “until we correct them,” and that she is being brainwashed, and that the Church is “washing the washed brained!”


The second party responsible in enflaming this matter was the regime of Hosni Mubarak, the leading Arab Zionist in whom Shenouda found a perfect opportunity. Shenouda realized the inability and self-complexity in Hosni Mubarak to preserve the ruling seat for his son, and that he would do whatever he could to ensure (that) this (happened). He continued to pressure him through threats and warnings of US interference in every crisis. So Hosni submitted, and continues to do so.

(Anwar) Sadat, despite his sinfulness, treachery and employment for the US, could not tolerate Shenouda’s interference in his authority. He removed him from his papacy and put him under house arrest. But Hosni Mubarak was worse in his sinfulness and employment – they were indeed both traitors and lackeys – and he was despotic and tyrannical against the people of Egypt and Gaza. He submitted and surrendered to Shenouda and America, and due to his foolishness, he (unknowingly) ignited Islamic sentiment in Egypt, rather the entire world, by using the intelligence agencies to pursue the Christians who had accepted Islam and handing them over to the torture cellars of Shenouda’s Churches and Monasteries. Hosni Mubarak continues to provoke Islamic sentiment with his campaign of torture and punishment launched by the investigations branch of his State Security whose victims and martyrs have started to fall one by one until the Orthodox Church is pleased and America is rest assured.

The first of them they announced was the martyr, as we reckon him, Sayyid Hilal, may Allah have mercy on him, and Allah knows who the last will be. I ask Allah to shower His mercy on this martyr, and the rest of those martyred by the regime of the leading Arab Zionist, and I send my condolences to the families of the martyr, as we reckon him, and the rest of those martyred by this corrupt and corruptive person, to whom Shenouda pledged allegiance in the previous elections.

The third party responsible for enflaming this crisis is the “scholars” of Al Azhar, forced over its lions by the state. These “scholars” have turned into employees of the “Office of Announcing Islam” for the investigations agents for the state security, and the state security has turned into a service center for the Orthodox Church. These “scholars,” forced upon the lions of Al Azhar, have openly opposed the Quran. Allah, Most High, the Truth, has said:

“O you who believe! When believing women come to you as emigrants, examine them; Allah knows best as to their Faith, then if you ascertain that they are true believers send them not back to the disbelievers.” (Al-Mumtahanah: 10)

The Azhari “scholars” of the state security say, “return them to the infidels.” Allah Most High, the Truth, says:

“They are not lawful (wives) for the disbelievers nor are the disbelievers lawful (husbands) for them.” (Al-Mumtahanah:10)

…while the Azhari “scholars” who have received instructions from the state security officers say, “The (Muslim) women are permitted for them (infidel men) and they (infidel men) are permitted for them (Muslim women).

The fourth party responsible for enflaming this crisis is the corrupt parliamentary and judiciary, which practices its tyranny against the simpleminded masses as well as Islamic movements. It participates in rigging elections, while remaining silent like the dead to the complaints raised to it about the killing of Wafa Constantine and the missing of her sisters in the torture cellars of the Orthodox Church.

The fifth party responsible for enflaming this crisis is the U.S. Administration in its detestable actions of supporting the Orthodox Church and encouraging them to embolden themselves with it and to seek efforts to secede.

The reports of the U.S. Department of Foreign Affairs about human rights and religious freedom turn a blind eye to the arrests of the Orthodox Church and what occurs in them, and the fate of those men and women who accept Islam, whose number none knows except Allah.

All of these parties have a share in the responsibility due to their intrepidness and neglect in instigating Islamic sentiment, thinking it to be a dead corpse without feeling or life.


This Islamic sentiment which was enticed and enflamed was much more than that of Al-Qaeda and the Mujahideen. Those who left their homes in protests were not moved by Al-Qaeda. The preachers who were angered were not encouraged by Al-Qaeda. And the media workers who wrote and spoke did not conspire with Al-Qaeda.

For this reason I address all those of sound mind from the Orthodox Copts:

Isn’t there anyone of sound intellect amongst you? Why all this instigation of the Muslims? Are we not neighbors in the same country? Why do the leaders of your church and some of your brothers seek to embolden themselves with the American invaders who will inevitably retreat just like France in the past and, with them, General Yaqoob? We have lived with you and will continue to do so as long as Allah wills. Allah Most High has commanded us to differentiate between those non-Muslims who show enmity to us and those who don’t. Why do you side with those who show enmity to us? We don’t want to start a battle with you, and I have stated this more than once in my book Al-Tabri’a (Exoneration).

We are preoccupied in our battle with the Crusader West, the Zionists, and their agents. Why do you join their ranks? Sheikh Usama bin Laden, may Allah protect him, also has stated this before myself, and we have not asked for your help to oust the Western invaders and the Zionists from our lands, but, at the very least, don’t seek to embolden yourselves through them over us. What have you gained from igniting Islamic sentiment? You have become a threatened people in Egypt and the rest of the world. Do you expect America and the West to protect you when they cannot even protect themselves? Here we see them today packing their bags in preparation for their retreat from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Don’t you have any thoughtful and intelligent people amongst you who will stop those of your brothers who seek to play around, and warn them from the foolishness of seeking to embolden themselves with the West and America against the Muslims?

This is my advice to you. Take heed of it before it is too late.

And I advise the Muslims of the Muslim World in general and the Muslim of Egypt in particular with two things:

1) That they differentiate between the Christians as Allah has thought them in the Noble Quran, as Allah the Most High, the Truth, has said:

“Allah does not forbid you to deal justly and kindly with those who fought not against you on account of religion nor drove you out of your homes. Verily, Allah loves those who deal with equity. It is only as regards those who fought against you on account of religion, and have driven you out of your homes, and helped to drive you out, that Allah forbids you to befriend them. And whosoever will befriend them, then such are the wrong-doers.”

There are some Christians who take great measure to improve relations with the Muslims, who don’t accept the Zio-Christian occupation of the Arab and the Muslim World, and who are resisting this occupation for whatever reason. There are those pure Arab Christians whose racial jealousy forbids them from accepting the Jewish occupation of Palestine and the American presence in Arab and Muslim lands, and there are those who take pride in their Arab roots and with the Prophet of Islam sallallahu alaihi wa sallam as one of the greatest leaders of the Arab and humanity, as one of the said:

Mention the Oneness of Allah, for the Muezzin has stated it

And praise the Prophet on Eid

It’s enough for the Arabs to take pride in affiliation

To a Prophet who is the Prophet Muhammad

Due to what the Quran has commanded, it is not possible that we equate these types of Christians with those who present themselves to the Americans and the Jews for employment and who transgress against and seek harm to the Muslims.

2) As for the second point which I advise my brother Muslims to pay great importance to is that we in Al-Qaeda have reached the conclusion that the Zio-American enemies – who have invaded our religion, lands, and sanctities – and their lackey aides need to be focused on more than others. If this invading enemy breaks, then by Allah’s permission their agents and others who seek their help and emboldening will also break. So let us focus our efforts on this Zio-American invading enemy and its agents.

As a reminder I will summarize what I have stated:

1) That those responsible for igniting this crisis is Shenouda and his aides, the Egyptian government, the investigation agency of the State Security, their Azhari “scholars”, the deserting and corrupt parliamentary and judiciary, and America with its allies.

2) We do not want to start a battle with the Christians, for we are preoccupied defending ourselves from the Zio-American invaders and their agents.

3) I advise all intelligent Christians to stop the foolish amongst them before it’s too late.

4) I advise the Muslims two things:

a) That they differentiate between those Christians who show enmity to the Muslims and those who don’t.

b) That they focus their strikes against the Zio-Christian Crusader invaders and their agents.

To conclude, I remind Shenouda of a geographical fact, which is that Srebrenica does not lie in Egypt.

I will suffice with this in this part, and our final prayer is that all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all that exists. And may peace and blessings be upon our leader, Muhammad, and his family and companions.

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