A site for Ustadz ABB Supporters Currently Down!

Jakarta (Arrahmah.com) – A site created by Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir sympathizers (ABB) with the aim of providing support for Ustadz ABB and also to pressure for the release of Ustadz ABB from police custody, is currently experiencing interference. Based on monitoring by arrahmah.com, these sites can not be opened at all and there is writing on the front yard Fattal error: data not found.

These sites have been around since early of August, several days after the arrest of Ustadz ABB which conducted in West Java.

Earlier, police had urged Kominfo to block Freeabb.com sites with the claim that the site is a “disturbance” and this is of course drawn criticism from various parties, especially the press.

“We asked the ministry which have an authority to block or to find out who these annoying people,” said Kabid Penum Police Headquarters, Kombes Pol Marwoto Soeto to detikcom on Monday (8/23/2010).

Possible the sites have technical problems or could be attacked by irresponsible people who do not like Ustadz ABB.

Hopefully these sites will be back to normal so that people get balanced news about the arrests Ustadz ABB. Hopefully, the Mujahid who make this site always get protection from Allah SWT and can resolve this problem immediately, amen. (Hanin Mazaya/Arrahmah.com)

Translate by: Sofia Firdausi/Englis Section


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