America plans full-scale invasion of Libya

The news website owned by a popular American TV presenter Alex Jones, has received alarming reports from the military stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas, confirming the plans by Obama’s terrorist government to initiate a full-scale American-led ground invasion in Libya. The invasion is presumably to start this October, after the deployment of American terrorist troops in the region.

The source stated that additional special forces were planned to be send to Libya in July, with the 1st calvary division (heavy armor) and the III corps is to be deployed in late October and early November. Initial numbers of American crusaders are estimated at 12,000 active forces and another 15,000 soldiers of Democracy in support, totaling nearly 30,000 troops.

This information was confirmed by numerous calls and e-mails from other military personnel, some of them indicating an envisaged large troop deployment as early as September. According to these sources, the operation will be supported by the British terrorist SAS.

There is also evidence that the American military assault (terrorist and spy units) is already stationed in Libya. The information differs in the details, but the overall picture is clear – a full-scale war is to be unleashed by Obama this fall as the Libyan Leader Col. Gaddafi continues to evade attempts to remove him from power.

An informant identified as “Specialist H” working for mortuary affairs under USCENTCOM revealed that there had already been American casualties registered inside Libya. He confirmed that at least 2 crusader soldiers and 3 “civilians” died in combat from bullet wounds, the media has yet to report about that.

Dr. Wester Tarpley, (a geo-political expert), also told that an escalation of war is being planned by Obama for Libya, while the count of simultaneous Obama wars has reached five conflicts- including Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and Yemen. The potential for an even greater spread of regional conflict could provoke a World War III, drawing in tenuous nations like Syria, Lebanon, Iran or even Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, the American terrorist leader Obama refuses to report to Congress the continuation of hostilities after the allowed 60-day period of “the president’s right.” First, he promised to finish all in a couple of days, but now he calls the events “kinetic energy actions”, not war. The criminal justifies his crimes claiming that he is subject to a “United nations mandate”.

On Saturday, June 18, it became known that Obama has blatantly decided to continue his criminal military operations in Libya, even if he fails to receive the congressional approval, and despite the fact that Pentagon lawyers and advisers were opposed to his plan.

source : KC


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