America, we do not accept your stinking apology of shooting our Noble Qur’aan




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We want to make our message clear to the American Tyrants and those with them:


     We do not accept your stinking apology for desecrating our Qur’aan, once again. Had the US Sniper not been caught by that ‘Iraqi individual, the truth of the matter is that the sniper would have continued using the Qur’aan for sniping practice. The apology was only made after being caught; so we can imagine that there is a possibility of many other snipers/soldiers using the Qur’aan in a desecrating way, but in private, to laugh amongst their peers. They have been caught before and our expectations have not changed for the better simply because you are the enemies of Allah.

    So accept the fact that this is a Crusade against Islaam and put your head down in shame for trying to think that you can deceive the Islaamic Ummah. We are the nation of honor, dignity, and Jihaad. We do not bow our heads down for you nor do we go out of our way to please you. You are the greatest hypocrites in this Century and we will forever remember this. You flush our Qur’aan down the toilet, not once, but many times, and then apologize. Then you do it again, and apologize. Then you urinate on the Qur’aan, and then apologize. And Allah knows how many times you are repeating this in secret or in front of the detainees of Guantanamo Bay. Then you use the Qur’aan for target practice, and then you apologize, kiss the Qur’aan, and give a brand new copy to the Apostates. We say: this is the book which you need to keep because of your extreme misguidance and hypocrisy; this is the book which will heal you and your soldiers. But since you don’t believe in such things, and wish to destroy the book of Allah, then go ahead with this attitude and see what will become of you when the Angels of death tear out your soul.

    No matter how many times you may desecrate our Qur’aan, you will never find us desecrating your Holy Books. This is because we have morals and standards which we live by and we fear Allah.

    The Mujaahideen that attack you daily will not forget this nor forgive this. They will desecrate you until you no longer exist or you leave our lands, humiliated.

On CNN, they reported the following:

    A week ago in a police station shooting range on Baghdad’s western outskirts, the American-allied Iraqi militiaman found what one or more GIs had been using for target practice — a copy of the Quran, Islam’s holy book.

    Riddled with bullets, the rounds piercing deep into the thick volume, the pages were shredded. Turning the holy book in his hands, the man found two handwritten English words, scrawled in pen. “F*** yeah.”

O Allah! We have failed You! Your Noble Book is humiliated and disrespected whilst we live in happiness, content and respect. O Allah! Please forgive us! Forgive us Ya Rabb!

My dear Islaamic Nation: Sa’d bin Abi Waqqas, radiyallahu ‘anhu, was once sitting next to a man and he heard him mumbling. So he listened attentively and he heard the man abusing ‘Ali, Talhah and Zubair (radiyallahu ‘anhum). He told him to stop, but he would not listen and continued. Finally, Sa’d became extremely upset for the sake of Allah, and said to the man that if he did not control his tongue, he would put a curse on him. Arrogantly, the man told him that he was arrogating powers to himself and he asked him if he thought he was a Prophet. Listening to the man’s bitter words, he merely turned away. He went, made his ablutions for prayers and offered two nafl (supererogatory) units of prayer. Then he entreated Allah Almighty:

    “O Allah! You know that this man is abusing men of purity, with whom You Yourself are Pleased because of their goodness. Surely You will not approve of these abuses. May this man be a lesson for such other men.”

He was barely done with his supplications when people saw that a raging she-camel had broken away from the rope which tethered her, and leaving her home, had entered in the midst of a crowd of people. It seemed as if she was looking for a particular person. In seconds, she had the head of a person in her bloodthirsty jaws and was shaking it violently from side to side. Finally, his neck broke and in no time he had become the prey of death. People were stunned into silence. The dead man was none other than the one who had been abusing the noble Companions a few minutes earlier, and against whom Sa’d bin Abi Waqqaas had appealed to Allah.

So brothers and sisters, make ablutions for prayer and offer two sincere nafl salah. Once finished, make a strong supplication to Allah to curse America.

    “O Allah! You know that this Country is abusing men of purity, with whom You Yourself are Pleased because of their goodness. And you know that this Country is abusing Your Noble Book of Purity, with whom You Yourself are Pleased because it is Al-Huda lin Naas (the Guidance for humanity). Surely You will not approve of these abuses. May this Country be a lesson for such other Countries. May Your Curse be upon this Country for its abuses to which none of it is hidden to You, O Allah! Curse them, humiliate them, save us from these wretched people, and grant the Mujaahideen a powerful and sealing victory over her.”

This is how you make your du’aa no longer something of “talk.” This is how you make your du’aa serious in the eyes of Allah.

May Allah accept our du’a.