An official statement of the military training participants mujahideenfrom Aceh

BANDA ACEH ( – The following is an official release by the accused terrorists (Mujahideen) from Aceh who took part in the military training (I’dad) in Jantho 2010 last year. This statement was made while they were in the Polda Metro Jaya Detention House, Jakarta. According to reports, these Mujahideen from Aceh will now be transferred to Tanjung Gusta Prison, Medan. The following is their official statement as quoted from the website, Aceh Loen Sayang. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim


All praises be to Allah, Who honours Islam with His help, humiliates idolatry (shirk) with His power, regulates all affairs with His commands, extends the time limitation for the Kuffaar with His makar (plot), Who alternates the days for mankind with His justice, and makes the end result as belonging to the people of taqwa with His goodness.

Salawat and salam be showered upon Prophet Muhammad, the man with whose sword Allah raises high the tower of Islam. Amma Ba’du :

With respect to the activity of I’dad Tadrib ‘Askary (Military Training) in the mountains of Jalin Jantho in February 2010 last year, as well as the emergence of the various news reportings and the accusations against it.

Therefore, we as the sons of Aceh who participated in it, would like to explain a few things, especially to the people of Aceh, as follows:

1. The actual intent and objective of why the Tadrib ‘Askary (Military Training ) was held, since its inception was solely as a preparation to help our brothers, the Muslims who are oppressed and colonized criminally in various parts of the lands of Islam and the Muslims, especially the holy land of Palestine, committed by a coalition of colonialist America, Israel and their allies. This is, as has been commanded by AllahTa’ala in His verse:

“And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them whom you do not know [but] whom Allah knows.” (QS. Al-Anfal : 60)

2. As for the reporting which said that our intent and objective in organizing the I’dad Tadrib ‘Askary was to launch attacks against the foreign NGO’s that are present in Aceh, then we can explain as follows: It is true, there were some among us who have heard of the talks about foreign NGO’s in Aceh from a number of military training program administrators. But as far as we know, these talks emerged due to the spreading of issues about the existence of double missions by some foreign NGO’s that are present in Aceh. Those double missions are i.e. the Balkanization of Aceh, the Exploitation of Aceh’s natural wealth, and the missions of Christianization or apostatization of the people of Aceh.

And at that time, what we knew consisted of 2 points which were taken up by the military training administrators in connection with the existence of those issues, namely:

First, We would be looking for strong evidence about the double missions of some of these foreign NGO’s. Because we know that not all foreign NGO’s that are present in Aceh have double missions. There are foreign NGO’s that purely want to provide aids to the people of Aceh who were hit by the earthquake and tsunami disasters. However, we are also not stupid supposing there were some among them who wanted to deceive us. Meaning, they are giving a little help to us, but then they divide our people/nation (Balkanization), plunder our natural wealth (Exploitation), and apostatize our community/Christianization.

Second, If indeed we could obtain strong evidence, then our aim would be to thwart the double missions of those foreign NGO’s. And at that time, there had been no talk at all of how to thwart them if indeed the existence of the double missions were proven to be true. Therefore, if it was said that we’ve been planning attacks on foreign NGO’s in Aceh, then that’s a big lie. Because we know for sure, most of those who work for the foreign NGO’s in Aceh are the people of Aceh themselves, so it is impossible for us to do something which would cause casualties on the people of Aceh themselves.

This is what we know from the military training program in Jantho in which we participated in it. Indeed, we are not looking to do cruelty or terror, but instead we wish so that the colonization (especially against Muslims) is wiped out from the face of this earth. We are not looking to do harm, but instead we want to proetct the natural wealth from the foreign hands that want to plunder them. This is simply what we are for what it is. We made ijtihad according to our ability and understanding at that time. If it turns out that this ijtihad we are taking is wrong, then we beg Allah ‘Azza Wa Jalla so that He will be willing to forgive our sins and our errors, as well as improve our conditions.

3. Here we would also like to convey, that the Aceh Government has rejected our presence to undergo the penalty in a Prison that is available in Aceh. Our return was annulled by the Aceh Government at the last minutes we were about to be returned, whereas the Central Government themselves have approved, and even urged the Aceh Government to accept our placement in a penitentiary in Aceh. However, the Aceh Government is still hellbent in rejecting us, and “throwing us out” to the Tanjung Gusta Prison in Medan. How could this happen? Whereas, the scene of our incidents was in Aceh, our trial was in Jakarta, then why should we be “thrown out” to Medan? Is this all because that the Aceh Government fears that our presence in Aceh would affect the entrance of foreign investors into Aceh.

If indeed it is true, then the Aceh Government has the heart to cast out their own sons for the sake of kowtowing and acquiring a bit of the riches of the world from those foreign investors. Whereas, we do not yet know for sure, what actually are the missions of those foreign investors in Aceh? Why are they so attracted to Aceh? But, what is already certain and clearly visible in front of us is that, the foreign investors are never willing if the Islamic Shari’ah is implemented in Aceh in Kaffah. And indeed, what is done by the Government of Aceh reminds us of a piece of history in the life of our noble Prophet, Muhammad Sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam, namely when the leaders Quraysh took the stance of not allowing him to return to Makkah because of his faith on the verses of Allah.

4. Imam As-Shafi’i (Rahimahullah) ever said: “If loving the Ahlul Bait is said to be rafidhi (Shi’ah), let me be called rafidhi (Shi’ah)”.

Thus, here we would like to say too: If wanting to help the Muslims who are criminally occupied by the Zionist-Crusader alliance, if wanting to implement the Islamic Shari’ah in Aceh in kaffah, if wanting to protect the natural wealth in Aceh from the hands of the invaders, if all those is said to be Terrorism, then let the whole world and Acehnese witness, THAT WE ARE TERRORISTS.

5. Last, before we end this sheet,we want to say something:

First, to both of our parents and our families: Be patient O father and mother. Perhaps, indeed the taqdeer of Allah will have not yet brought us together anytime soon, or even maybe we would never meet again in this world. But please believe, Allah Ta’ala our Rabb never sleeps and is All-Knowing of the injustices that we are receiving. And every injustice, no matter how small, would surely reap its consequence, sooner or later, whether it be in this world or in the hereafter later.

Second, to the people of Aceh : Let us implement the Islamic Shari’ah in Aceh in kaffah according to the Qur’an and Sunnah because that is an obligation assigned on us all by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala. And be always wary of the plots of the enemies of Allah from the Zionist and Crusader alliances in our country. Because indeed, their covert colonization on the countries of the Muslims, is no longer a secret for us all. Thus was the clarification that we can convey. And the final word, Alhamdulillahi rabbil ‘alamin.. 


Participants of the Tadrib ‘Askary (Military Training) from Aceh

(M Fachry/


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