An update on the situation in Somalia, Pakistan & Afghanistan

In Somalia, the Mujaahideen have a stronghold in the South. According to some news agencies, such as alertnet, they have reported that the Mujaahideen have successfully taken over another small town recently. Here are the highlights of the article:

NAIROBI, Dec 8 (Reuters) – Somali Islamist insurgents seized a small town in central Somalia after a brief battle with government troops on Saturday, the government and residents said.

The Islamists took Bule Burte, 220 km (140 miles) north of the capital Mogadishu. It it was not clear if there were casualties, witnesses said.

“Islamist fighters seized the town. They fought and easily defeated government troops. We are now under the rules of the Islamists,” Ali Osman, a resident, told Reuters by phone.

In Pakistan, the phase of guerrilla warfare is starting to take its shape. We have seen the same thing in ‘Iraaq, Afghanistan and Somalia. The Mujaahideen, after displaying their power and justice to the Taaghoot, would then retreat back to the mountains to give the enemies a pounding. The enemies would be fooled into thinking that they are winning the war by easily taking over the towns that were once controlled by the Mujaahideen, but what they fail to realize is that it’s part of the plan that was practiced and is being practiced in the other Jihaad’s of today. We have seen that in Afghanistan for instance, they would retreat and give the enemies such a pounding that they wouldn’t come close to the mountains. And slowly, the Taliban would capture one town after another.

Maulana Fazlullaah (hafidhullah) recently made an appearance on his FM Radio Station refuting the lies of the Pakistani Government. Here are some highlights from the jang article:

MINGORA: Rebel cleric Maulana Fazlullah spoke once again on his FM Radio on Friday night to quash rumours that he had been arrested.

The 32-year-old Maulana, who is on the run after being forced by the security forces to quit his village, Mamdheray, near Mingora, however conceded that he was injured during the fighting. He didn’t tell about the type and scale of his injuries and as to how he was injured.

Maulana Fazlullah refuted the government claims that his deputy, Maulana Shah Dawran, had been killed along with four of his men. He said Shah Dawran had also suffered injuries but was alive.

There were reports that Maulana Fazlullah, who led the uprising in Swat and Shangla districts in his capacity as the leader of a breakaway militant faction of Tanzim Nifaz Shariat-e-Mohammadi (TNSM) while forcibly seeking the enforcement of Shariah, had fled to the remote Peochar mountainous area along with his supporters to escape capture.

Maulana Fazlullah pledged to continue his campaign for the enforcement of Shariah in Swat, Shangla and the rest of the Malakand division. “We have no other objective except the Shariah. We are ready to shed our blood for the cause of Shariah,” he said.

There was also some news that the Murtadeen had bombed some Masaajid and Madrassas in order to kill the Mujaahideen. Wa la howla wala Quwatta Illa Billah.

In Afghanistan, a very big battle is taking place between the camp of Imaan and the camp of Kufr. The Kuffaar are currently trying to take over an important Taliban-controlled district, Musa Qala. This town has been under the control of the Mujaahideen for nearly a year, and Allah knows best exactly how long. The Mujaahideen number around a few thousand in Musa Qala whereas the Kaafir numbers are much above that. The Mujaahideen, as part of their strategy, surrounded Musa Qala with mines. Only the Mujaahideen know how to get around them. Because of this strategy, the Kuffaar had quiet a few losses and a considerable amount of damage. This is keeping them from going directly into the town. So with this, the Taliban are buying time to snipe out the Kuffaar, and prepare other tactical maneuvers.

We are not sure of the casualties since the Kuffaar are good at deceiving. The Kuffaar also claimed that they captured two major Taliban commanders, but again, they are good at deceiving, especially when it comes to capturing a big name target. So we will stay neutral on this until there is word from the official Mujaahideen statement. We expect the Kuffaar to continue with their pathetic and cowardly air support against Musa Qala and then proclaim a [symbolic] “victory.”

Here are some highlights regarding this fight from a news agency:

Baz Gul Khan, a resident of Maharabad area of the district, said the fighting between the guerrillas and troops erupted after a vehicle of the soldiers was blown up by a landmine. He added the explosion sparked a NATO airstrike, which caused no casualties.

On the other hand, Taliban claimed destroying a military vehicle of NATO and killing several soldiers in the fighting. Qari Mohammad Yousaf told this news agency from an undisclosed location the fighters were ready for any military action in Musa Qala.

And here are some excerpts from the Telegraph:

Mullah Ahmad Muslim, a Taliban commander inside the town claimed that 7,000 Taliban fighters were ready to die defending Musa Qala.

“We have orders from our commanders to fight to the death,” he claimed.

“We have hundreds of men with bombs strapped to their bodies ready to throw themselves under the British tanks.

“They have strong weapons. We don’t. They have aircraft. We don’t. They have tanks. We don’t. Musa Qala will be remembered by history.”

There is no way to check the veracity of his claims.

“The British are three kilometres away, they have reached the outskirts of the town,” said Haji Abdul Majid Khan, a tribal elder in the town.

“There was fighting earlier but it is calm for now. The Taliban are telling the people they will wait until the foreign forces enter the city and then fight them street by street.”

Local people consistently reported some 300 to 400 Nato and Afghan army vehicles visible around the town and up to 40 helicopters and planes overhead.

The Taliban said they had destroyed four Nato vehicles and claimed that Nato bombing had destroyed a civilian vehicle fleeing the city.

Several local people reported the arrival of Taliban reinforcements during the day, perhaps 500 strong.

Look at what this idiotic Kaafir NATO spokesman said:

A Nato spokesman told the Telegraph: “It will be very unwise of the Taliban to carry out their threat to fight. If they profess to care about the people of Musa Qala they will leave.”

These Kufaar seem to not even have common sense. They were the ones that came to Musa Qala, bombed it senselessly, killed some civilians, and then have the audacity to say that if the Taliban cared about the residents, they would leave?! La howla wala Quwatta illa billah.

Here is an excerpt from the Yahoo article:

A rebel commander inside Musa Qala told AFP by telephone there were up to 2,000 rebel fighters ready to defend themselves. “So far there hasn’t been face-to-face fighting but we are getting ready for the fighting and we will resist,” said the commander, who gave his name Mullah Hafizullah. “We have up to 2,000 fighters right now. We also have almost the same number of friends,” he said, apparently referring to civilian supporters. “There has been some bombing and 15 civilians have been killed so far with a small number of Taliban.”

And here is another Yahoo article:

Taliban commander Mullah Ahmadullah told The Associated Press by telephone that insurgents were strengthening their positions in the town and militants in nearby districts were pouring into the area for the battle.

“The morale of the Taliban is high. We will fight against NATO and Afghan forces. We will not lay down our weapons. We will fight until the death,” Ahmadullah said as he commanded militants to take their positions.

Here is a nice excerpt from another Telegraph report:

Qari Yousuf Ahmadi, the main spokesman for the Taliban, who is not in Musa Qala, told The Sunday Telegraph: “We are fighting back with our heavy weapons and with ambushes. “We have air defence facilities with us. If their helicopters come they will face retribution. And we have fedayeen martyrdom attackers. We have killed about 35 soldiers. Most are Afghan National Army, but a few were foreign soldiers.” Mullah Ahmad Muslim, a Taliban commander inside Musa Qala, added: “My soldiers have pushed the British back from the edge of the town. We have seen the bodies of 20 Afghan National Army soldiers. “The fighting goes on, but the British have been pushed back to the desert.”

And Allah knows best.

Again, we are still waiting for the official statements of the Mujaahideen. This will be a historical battle undoubtedly. The Mujaahideen prepared for this battle way before it began.

This battle between Haqq and Baatil is exposing the Munaafiqeen so clearly. And this is a grace from Allah, ‘Azza wa Jall.

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