Are We Khawarij?

Shaykh Omar ‘Abdul-Rehman (may Allah hasten his release) said:

So as for the Khawaarij, the ‘Ulamaa (scholars) have explained that they are the ones who revolt against the True Imam (Al-Imam Al-Haq), and they openly disobey him, and they conspire against him – so where is this True Imam today, with regards to whom we could label anyone who rebels against him as a “Khaariji”?!

Where is the ‘Ali bin Abee Taalib of today?!

And if we are Khawaarij, then who are you (oh regimes and oh royal scholars)?! Are you ‘Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) and his Companions?!

And did ‘Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) take the laws of his governance from the legislation of the Persians and the Romans?!

Did he govern according to “socialism” and “democracy”? Or was he a caller to “nationalism” and “social peace”?

Or was ‘Ali an ally and supporter of the Jews and Beijing?!

Or was ‘Ali forsaking the Hudood of Allah (i.e. the Islamic penalties), and implementing punishments for which Allah did not send down any permission? Or can it be said that ‘Ali was possibly calling towards the establishment of the Khilaafah, a crime which cannot be forgiven?!

Or was ‘Ali waging war against chastity and purity, calling for women’s “liberation” and for her to travel freely?!

Or was ‘Ali one of those who have split the Qur’aan into parts (i.e. believed in a part and disbelieved in the other)? Those who say: “No Islam in politics, and no politics in Islam”?!

And pardoned is Imaam ‘Ali – may Allah dignify his face – he was not like that at all. Rather, he was of the most eager to implement the Judgments of Allah, and governing with the Book of Allah, and the Sunnah of His Messenger (SAW). So no doubt, that the one who rebels against this Just Imaam (Al-Imaam Al-‘Aadil), he is truly a Khaariji.

As for someone who perpetrates all of these falsehoods which we have just mentioned – then the one who rebels against such a ruler is not a Khaariji; rather, he is a Muslim, a Mu’min, a Muttaqi (God fearing).

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