Barack Obama: I’m not a Muslim, I’m against Hamas and Arabs, and I’ll protect Jews




Barack Obama, democrat senator from Illinois, the candidate for the presidency of the United States, on Monday gave a telephonic interview to journalists of “Haaretz” newspaper, as well as to a number of correspondents of Zionist newspapers of America.

During the conversation, Obama said that there is a “constant virulent campaign” being waged against him, in which he is “accused”  in secret commitment to Islam and disloyalty to “Israel”.

The presidential hopeful said he would ordinarily ignore such comments, but he fears that they have been “getting some traction” and are being tuned into by public ears. Thus he said, he has asked the Jewish newspapers and Haaretz to use their “megaphone” so people can hear “from the horse’s mouth” that all such accusations against him are unfounded.

Obama believes in Israel “as a Jewish state.” He does not accept that a right of return for Palestinians can be interpreted “in any literal way.” The senator also said that he opposes talks with Hamas as long as the “Islamist organization” refuses to recognize Israel. Moreover, he assured reporters that in the event of victory in the presidential election he will be “a guarantor of the security of Israel”.

At the same time, Obama believes that the issue of Jerusalem should be decided in negotiations with the Palestinians and the Iranian with Tehran.

In May this year, Barack Obama said in an exclusive interview with “Haaretz” that the current level of world pressure on Tehran is “insufficient”.

“Iran remains the main threat to the United States and allies”, the newspaper quoted the words of senator.

During this interview Obama reiterated that Washington, in his view, should compel Iran to accept negotiations, but it should be a “low-level talks”. And they must continue until there is “the first signs of progress” – such as voluntary decision of Tehran to freeze uranium enrichment. [fad/kavkazcenter]