Burmese translator wrongly translated the complaints of Rohingya Muslim to Turkish Foreign Minister, unintentional or intentional?

ARAKAN (Arrahmah.com) – Last week, the Foreign Minister of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoğlu, Emine Erdoğan (wife of Foreign Minister of Turkey ) and his son along with the humanitarian aids team visited Arakan, Myanmar (Burma), to personally see the condition of the Rohingya Muslim refugees and hand over the aids. On arriving at one of the Rohingya Muslims refugee camps, the Turkish delegates met the Rohingya Muslims, and some had the opportunity to shake hand and talk with Davutoğlu and Emine Erdoğan.

One of the most touching moments, which had made Emine cry, was when a Rohingya Muslim man complained to Erdoğan, while crying, about their conditions. However, either intentionally or unintentionally, the complaints expressed by the Rohingya man were distorted, deleted or censored by the Burmese official translator, according to the people who understand the language of Arakan.

One part of the speeches which was wrongly defined was when the Rohingya man, who kept on crying, said, “We (Muslims) have been persecuted and discriminated against here.” But the translator only said, “We need aids.”

Of course the context of the sentences between “We (Muslims) have been persecuted and discriminated against here” and “We need aids” have different meaning and information.

According to pro-Rohingya community, this is proof that the government of Myanmar are not sincere when inviting international delegations to find out the true facts.

With that, the Rohingya Muslims should have been helped by a translator from among their own side. Even though their lives, all these years, are almost isolated from the life of having a State, many among them are educated people who could understand English language.

Then again, before the Turkish delegation departed for Myanmar, Davutoğlu told the reporters that, “The government (in Myanmar) said that the number of death was around a hundred, but the leaders of the Muslims in Rakhine (Arakan), whom we have contacted said that the number of death reaches its thousands,” quoted by Onislam, this is another proof of the insincerity of the government of Myanmar in providing facts.

Translated by Theunjustmedia

Turkey Foreign Minister And Mrs. Emine Erdoğan Visit Arakan To See Situation Of Rohingya



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