Chronology of military training of terrorist suspects in Mako Brimob and incidents in Aceh

Chronology of military training of terrorist suspects in Mako Brimob and incidents in Aceh which considered as terrorism activities

An investigation results which released by Central Executive Council of The Islamic Defender Front (FPI), as notified by members of the investigative team, Munarman SH in discussions at FKSK by Islamic Ummah Forum (FUI) yesterday, explaining how it happen for the military training of FPI members in Aceh being considered as terrorism activities. Results of this investigation it was finally describe how the connection between the military training in Aceh which considered as terrorism activities with the military training conducted in Mako Brimob, Kelapa Dua Depok.

The following details :

December 2008

Israeli did aggression against Gaza for the umpteenth time. In an attack of aggression, Israel used phosphorous bombs and other chemical weapons which violation of international law. For aggression on horrible attack the world responded by issuing a condemnation.

Islamic world in particular gave a strong reaction of the aggression. FPI as Islamic organizations based in Indonesia responded by announcing the opening post for the mujahidin registration to be sent into Gaza.

January 2009

FPI Aceh as one of the spearheads organization become one of the executors of these mujahidin recruitment program. Officially, DPD FPI of Aceh post registration opens on January 10, 2009, held at mushalla Nurul Muttaqin, Bathoh village Banda Aceh and in Islamic Boarding School Daarul Mujahidin to trained and then, when it meets the criteria and according to the capabilities of the organization will depart to Gaza.

The training sessions were held open and get coverage from local media. Instructor in the training was an offer to become coach, namely Sofyan Asauri, a police who had served in West Java Regional Police.

February 2009

The participants of the training in Aceh, which numbered about 67 people, 15 of them came to Jakarta in preparation for leaving to Gaza. (Munarman explain that all accommodation costs of participants from start travel Aceh – Jakarta until to live in Jakarta funded by Sofyan Asauri)

February 15, 2009, part of the training participants in Aceh who was in Jakarta, an individual without known by leader of the group went to Depok to meet their former coach, namely Sofyan Asauri.

February 21, 2009, completed preparations for departure to Gaza, which was delayed due to various reasons. One of reason the Israeli attack into Gaza has stopped. The mujahidin were asked to return to Aceh in advance, waiting for instruction and development of the situation in Gaza further.

Of the 15 mujahidin who came to Jakarta, five men returned to Aceh, and 10 people were secretly, without notice to DPP FPI, go to Depok, Sofyan Asauri dwelling house which is also a former coach of them in Aceh.

10 people are staying for around one month at Sofyan Asauri home with costs are entirely borne by Sofyan Asauri, including pocket money and meals and other necessities.

February – March 2009

During the period of February until end March 2009, 10 people which origin from Aceh are trained and indoctrinated by Sofyan Asauri. As one form of indoctrination is to allow the ways robberies to finance jihad, spreading hatred and hostility solely on the basis of strangers.

The training provided is conducting training using live ammunition to shoot (real bullets) inside the command headquarters Brimob Kelapa Dua, Depok. Each trainee is given about 30 to 40 grain bullets for the rifle range.

Trainees were also given pocket money per week during the training process

From the information obtained of trainees, Sofyan Asauri was intentionally put dismissal letter from the police to be read by trainees, which contains that respective fired for engaging in jihad activities, performing polygamous and rarely come to work.

January 2010

6 people from 10 people who followed the training in Depok, participating in military training in Jantho Aceh Besar. On this time the training is also facilitated by Sofyan Asauri.

February 2010

The military training in Jantho Aceh Besar were ambushed by security forces.

May 2010

Military training in Jantho Aceh Besar connected with the raid group of Dulmatin in Pamulang and exposed by the police and the mass media as training in preparation for terrorist activities.

(As reported by mass media, other than Sofyan Asauri, the police also arrested another police officer who took part in the training. Among others, Brig One Tatang Mulyadi and Brig One Abdi Tunggal from the logistics unit armory.

In the case of military logistics which owned by the Police, intelligence analyst, Mardigu W Prasantyo, in discussions on FUI yesterday, revealed the impossibility that the police logistics can be used for activities outside the police let alone terrorism activities, without any permission from the parties who authorized in the Police Station).


Translate by: Sofia Firdausi/ English Section


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