CIA Agents Around SBY (Interview with AC Manullang)

Amir Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid Ustadz Abu Bakar Baasyir again have to deal with the police. He arrested in travel at West Java. A line of articles with a maximum punishment awaited him. He accused with the police as the mastermind of terrorism in Indonesia. Really like that? What really happened? To peel all of them journalist of Media Umat Joko Prasetyo interviewed former Director of the State Intelligence Coordinating Agency, AC Manullang.

Heres the following excerpt :

According to intelligence data is it true that you have linked Abu Bakar Baasyir acts of terrorism?

Since when Abu Bakr Baasyir terrorist related? From the observation of intelligence, I say, anyone in this country, including the Police, and the Attorney General, did not have any data that Abu Bakar Baasyir was a terrorist.

O Really, is there not one shred of evidence that shows the connection of Abu Bakar Baasyir with one of the bombings in Indonesia?

Until now no one is able to provide that evidence. Which there only a state secret. Who is it? There is in hands of the president. Why does the president not to open? He have that right to open. So that knowable there is any evidence or not to indicate Abu Bakar Baasyir involved.

Police say the arrest happen because there’s evidence?

Police said the arrest was legal because it was proven that he is involved in receiving funds from overseas to fund terrorism training in Aceh as well as in other places. Wow that’s incredible!

So probably the Police received data from foreign intelligence or foreign which so far categorize Abu Bakar Baasyir as the most wanted terrorist. On the other hand, SBY to categorize themselves as the most target by terrorist, ha … ha … ha …

If the evidence referred to the Police is true, then the arrest of Abu Bakar Baasyir was not necessary commotion, .. just by call him.

Actually arrests of terrorism suspects is fine.

But why commotion, with a catch him at the edge of the road and amazing publications?

The question arises, why the arrest of terrorist was in jumbo publicized mostly preached by television media. Beneficiaries in these publications are abroad. For public imaging, especially in low society a bit like soap operas on television, interestingly enough attention in fact make pity to the national leader.

Though it is an public backing attempt to forget the scandal case of fat account of high-ranking police, increasing of Basic Electricity Tariff (TDL) and foods, the local election chaos everywhere, the cost of overseas visits are increasingly bloated, Gayus scandal, and other problems that indicate poor performance of government .

So intelligence assessed that this is a very important strategy for SBY to keep having attention and positive imaging from public and the United States that Indonesia antiterrorist. It’s all indeed a part of grand strategy of the United States which carrying neoliberals and neocapitalism at the same time imaged of Islamic as their opponent.


Indeed the actions of the current intelligence in tends to deceptions operation intelligence which means misdirection of intelligence. Well, this global grand strategy shows and arising most popular misdirection that is terrorism and Abu Bakar Baasyir as the most dangerous terrorists.

My question, question from the intelligence, Is it true that Abu Bakar Baasyir arrest as a terrorists arrest? In terms of intelligence simply can not.

But the police arrest Abu Bakar Baasyir there must have the basic. Had twice taken to court, but officials failed to prove that Abu Bakar Baasyir is terorist. Do the same thing will happen at third time?

It is not possible it happen for a third time. Because i said that the brain or executors are agents of foreign intelligence that exist in Indonesia. It sure they work for the benefit of American CIA, Israeli Mossad and ONA Australia. Let’s see, until there’s a policeman who becomes their agent who trains in Aceh. So don’t say that was Abu Bakar Baasyir but yeah that men.

But the court could take the data from them as valid or invalid data. But according to my intelligence observations that absolutely no legitimate. Why? Because if based on intelligence data, it supposed Abu Bakar Baasyir arrest done in a closed session rather than commotion.

The arrest of Abu Bakar Baasyir means a lot in overseas. So the truth with the arrest of Abu Bakar Baasyir in such a manner highly detrimental to Indonesia which majority Muslim, because Indonesia will actually interpreted by foreigners as a nest of terrorists.

Why can happen misdirection of intelligence, then what role of Indonesian intelligence agency (BIN)?

Yes, because the Indonesian intelligence now only as an observer, not operator so that can’t do contra intelligence operations.

So your point all this time BIN not functioned?

That’s right. Since the reform, the Indonesian intelligence systems changed in such way that it no longer perform contra intelligence.

If BIN functioned, what kind of contra intelligence that should be done?

From the first doing prevention and no longer taking Islamic activists. So. Before something happens BIN should already know that the government can prevent. BIN report to the president. So before arrested and taken to court already in-contra first, followed by that person and not impossible also in the field to meet with foreign agents that currently doing misdirection intelligence . Contra intelligence needs!

But remember that BIN should not work for the president, nor work for legislative, and even the judiciary but for Indonesian citizens. In fact i would say that intelligence have right to dropped the president, because BIN work for peoples and state of Indonesia.

Why are foreigners continue play in Indonesia?

I think that countries, especially America, Israel and Australia are very concerned with the future of Indonesia. Because according to these three countries, Indonesia could become a threat, disruption, challenge when Muslims in Indonesia are unite. If that happens what can Israel remain standing? Obviously not. Does Indonesia still could be the bridge of Asia Pacific? Can not because Indonesia become sovereign, who passing must pay.

So now Indonesia has always been ransacked, dispart. From terms of intelligent, Indonesia can’t be dispart if not by the Muslims themselves that used by intelligence. Its main target is the Arab countries.

God really has given a tremendous gift to Islam. In all Islamic countries have the oil. America was targeted. So main target from America was Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tazikistan, Kargikistan, because four of the country that will not be discharged oil in this earth. Now all four place is secure occupied by Jewish businessmen. Well that is considered the most threatened Jewish existence is Indonesia later, when the largest Muslim community is united.

To prevent unity, then one of way is by bringing neocapitalism and neoliberalism. This concept which says Islam as terrorist.

Who are “people of Islam itself” that you mean have been used by American intelligence, Israel and Australia?

Intelligence is never mention any details because its not allowed. Who could mention the description only the president. It just, i can only say peoples around SBY are peoples of CIA. SBY being fooled by people who used by CIA. They became SBY prompter!

Source : Media Umat 8th edition of pages 42

Translate by : Sofia Firdausi / Arrahmah.Com English Section

Orang-orang CIA di sekeliling SBY (wawancara dengan AC Manullang, mantan direktur Badan Koordinasi Intelijen Negara (BAKIN))


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