Coming Soon, bi idhnillah! Monumental Literary Works Of The Trio Mujahideen

JAKARTA (Arrahmah.Com) – Death could approach the three Bali Bombing Shuhada (Insha Allah), Amrozi, Imam Samudra and Ali Ghufron, but their thoughts could never die out. They will always live on in the hearts of the young Mujahids who are prepared to destroy the arrogance of America and its allies (Insha Allah).

Ar Rahmah Media, in the coming days would release books by the three Bali bombing Shuhada. These masterpiece would become the most phenomenal and spectacular work that would close off the year 2008. According to the publisher, the literary works by the three of them will be released on the 26th December.

“Mimpi Suci di Balik Jeruji Besi” (Blessed Dreams Behind The Iron Bars), by As-shaheed (Insha Allah) Ali Ghufron, tells about the takwil (interpretation) of his dreams which often became true. Providing us with motivations and encouragements to perform good deeds, strengthen our iman and solidify our faith. As a tazkirah (the act of reminding and making one remember), taushiyah (religious advice) and taujihat (guidance), in fact even as a comforter and interlude when the hearts are hit by worries in confronting the trials and tribulations. This book is also equipped with the science of dreams comprehension according to the Qur’an and Sunnah, as well as the understanding of the Salafus soleh.

As-shaheed (Insha Allah) Imam Samudra collected records of his life during his time in the prison of the taghout laknatullah, with the title “Sekuntum Rosela Pelipur Lara” (A Stalk Of Hibiscus, A Comforter Of Sorrow), he debated the fundamental issues in Islam and disputed the shubhat (doubtful matters) and pathetic accusations placed on him.

Though written within the limitations of the prison, this book is still full of sahih (authentic and sound) references and contains powerful hujjah (evidences) which are difficult to dispute. And although written in a refreshing literary style and sometimes full of humor, this book could still be used as a reference to differentiate the haq (truth) from the bathil (falsehood).

“Senyum Terakhir Sang Mujahid” (The Last Smile Of A Mujahid), we consider this title just appropriate to represent the life of one Amrozi. This book was written with sincerity and moderation, sometimes humorous. A journal about the life of a son of the Tenggulun village whose name was finally celebrated in every corner of the world, especially known for his distinctive smile.

A book that becomes a testimony to the power of hidayah and faith until the last drop of the blood. Full of lessons and ibrah (a lesson, an example) about how to protect Allah’s religion and defend the Muslim ummah with one’s property and life.

The three of them chronicled the course of history which would never be forgotten for all time. A story about the life of certainty which could never be shaken off until death finally arrived. A smile at the end of a blessed journey adorning the dreams which are now eternal. A story and at the same time a reflection which separates the haq from the bathil.

These are undoubtedly books that are compulsory to be in the possession of every Mujahid. By reading the books we are as if sitting down within the study circles of the Mujahids.

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