Dagestan: Russians use tanks, aircraft and artillery against the Mujahideen

DAGESTAN (Arrahmah.com) – Fierce fightings in the Kizlyar district of Dagestan entered a third day. Nobody expected at first such a large military confrontation. The invaders routinely reported about “an anti-terrorist operation”, and Russian media duplicated the newsletters.

However, a few hours after the first reports of the armed clashes, it became clear that it could not be described simply as a “counterterrorist operation”.

That became especially noticeable when the number of the Mujahideen quickly raised from 8 to 15 in Russian reports, and all sorts of anonymous officials from the FSB and the interior ministry began to draw a picture of “well-armed and trained militants”.

Later, the media added an old face-saving tale of Russian generals about fortified bunkers, “from which the militants are offering strong resistance”, which, according to the invaders, explains the invulnerability of the Mujahideen.

Within a few hours, it became known that combat armored vehicles and artillery were urgently sent to the battle site, and helicopter gunships were shelling to their utmost the forests near the villages of Bolshakovka and Kuznetsovka.

By the end of the first day of the fightings, it became clear that the invaders and their minions had suffered serious losses and were no longer willing to storm the positions of Mujahideen. They preferred to use artillery, mortars, tanks and helicopters.

It was announced that the operation was ceased until the morning of June 22. However, the Mujahideen, as it turned out, did not intend to stop the attacks. As a result, 3 Russian commandos were eliminated overnight and 12 of them were seriously injured.

By the morning of June 22, it became known that the total losses of invaders and minions were 7 enemy elements killed and 16 others wounded. In this case, no information was available regarding the losses of Mujahideen.

On the afternoon of June 22, it was announced that a detachment of the Mujahideen, as it turned out, consisted not of 15, but of 30 fighters. Moreover, this detachment managed to break through the cordon and go deep into forest.

On the morning of the second day of the fightings, tanks, artillery, mortars and MI-24 helicopters were sent against the Mujahideen. Russian TV channels gave a pair of unitype reports in which they cautiously admitted the casualties and said that “the militants were blocked and that a search and their destruction was under way”. But still, there was no data on the losses of the Mujahideen.

Periodically, the Russian media repeat the figure of “5 militants killed”, and it was also periodically refuted. Only late on June 22, the invaders command solemnly declared that they “had found a body of one militant”.

After the “find” of the body of a Mujahid, the Russian media reported that military action was suspended until morning of June 23.

On Thursday morning, the invaders declared that the bodies of two Mujahideen had been found near the village of Bondarenovskoye in Kizlyar district. Nevertheless, there is no complete clarity who the dead persons were and whether they related to the unit of the Mujahideen fighting for the third day against large groups of invaders and minions.

Russian sources also reported that one of the police minions was severely wound in the area of ​​the fighting last night. No details were reported.

Meanwhile, the Russian media report that nearly all the formations and special gangs of invaders and minions, the “criminal police”, “Russian interior ministry troops” stationed in Kizlyar and Khankala bases, “commandos of the FSB” and so-called “special firing groups of interior departments” in Kizlyar, Nogai, and Babayurt and Tarumovsk districts of Dagestan, are involved in the battle against the Mujahideen. Kadyrov’s gangsters and Russian invaders were brought there from Chechnya.

As of early June 23, according to official data of the Russian command, Russian aggressors lost in two-day battles 7 invaders and minions killed and 17 others wounded.

source : KC


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