Dagestan: Statement of Dagestani Mujahideen in connection with the crimes of Kadyrov's minions

“Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. Peace, mercy and blessings be upon the Prophet Muhammad, his family, his companions and all those who followed his path until the Day of Judgment.

Who could be called today most brutal, inhumane, unprincipled and low killers in Russia? Without doubt, it’s the Kadyrov’s gang!

These inhuman monsters in human shape are charged with imprescriptible crimes against Islam and Muslims.

These creatures are allowed to operate in Russia and beyond. The Kremlin is behind them. Indulgence for all types of violence such as extra-judicial executions, contract killings, ‘protection’ rackets, racketeering and other crimes are allowed to them by Putin who adopted Kadyrov as his son.

This gang was involved in almost all the killings of the opponents to the Putin’s regime. It has been summoned to crack down the anti-Putin rallies in Moscow. It participates in seizures of factories in the Urals and Siberia. This gang has terrorized the population of Chechnya and the neighboring Russian-occupied Muslim lands.

The crimes that neither a staunch Russian infidel or a Dagestani, or an Ingush infidel would do, the Kadyrov’s scum does with great pleasure and for free, proudly beating on their chests and calling themselves ‘Muslims’.

Many of them were once among the Mujahideen, but they changed the banner of monotheism for the Russian tricolor flag, because the apparent power shifted to the infidels.

People join them to boast with a Stechkin pistol or a radio to fulfill their unfulfilled sadistic inclinations. But for all, their Hukm is that they are apostates, they fight against what is considered to be the best type of Jihad, in the opinion of Ibn Taymiyyah and the majority of the scholars of Islam.

And they are the lowest of the creatures of Allah.

And if the Muslims are allowed to take alive prisoners among the infidels and conclude treaties with them, nothing of this sort is allowed for these “disposables”, as the infidels themselves call them, . In the absence of repentance and departure from their work, death is the penalty for them, according to the unanimity of the scholars.

Today, these creatures trample our land, our Province of Dagestan. Kadyrov’s men are stationed in the area near the village of Gubden, Karabudakhkent district, and cause open outrage against the Muslims of this worthy village, because local infidels cannot simply afford to act in such a way towards their fellow countrymen.

The Dagestani Mujahideen warn that Kadyrov’s men, currently stationed on the territory of their Province, have become one of the Mujahideen top targets, and promise that their operation on our land will not be tolerated. The Muslims have already seen that when one of the Mujahideen was about to blow up these inhumans with a car packed with explosives.in the village of Gubden. But the Qadar of Allah (Allah’s Will) was such that the car detonated a few meters from the site, and our brother received his Martyrdom (on December 19, 2011. The identity of the Istishhadi has not been disclosed).

But after that, when these dirty apostates gathered at the scene, the Mujahideen opened fire on them with machine guns from three directions. After this operation, we noted that once again the Russian enemy system of mass disinformation remained silent about the apparent losses among the puppets, possibly because they believe that these “disposables” are not the humans.

These dogs have nothing to do with the respected and brotherly Muslim people of the Province of Chechnya. We hope that our actions will please our Lord, and will bring joy to the hearts of believers in Chechnya and other Provinces.

Allahu Akbar. Honor belongs to Allah, His Messenger and the believers!

Mujahideen Command of the Province of Dagestan

Source: Kavkaz Center


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