Death of Russia: Russians fear of rebellion of 'migrant workers'

According to the Russian service of Deutsche Welle, large numbers of foreign slaves in Russia, whom Russians politcorrectly call “migrant workers”, complicate the solution of the national question, entangled as the “Gordian knot”.

The national question in Russia is not resolved. A relationship with the diaspora is built on obsolete principles, says a leading expert of the Department of Political Consulting of Russo-Asiatic Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RAUIE), Trofimchuk.

The “migrant workers”, who in reality are in condition of slaves, the approach to national policy, which is established in Russia, very offend. As the chairman of the All-Russian Public Movement “Tajik Worker Migrants”, Karomat Sharipov, Russian TVs are full of programs that create a negative image of immigrants from Central Asia.

Most complaints have come from Central Asians to the channel TNT and its project “Nasha (Our) Russia”, the characters of which are two Tajik migrant workers.

The “Tajik Worker Migrants” have even launched a campaign to close the “Nasha Russia”.

The head of All-Russian Public Movement “Tajik Worker Migrants” directly linked the issues of international relations and stability in Russia.

According to Sharipov, about 2 million citizens of Tajikistan who do not want to return home are now on the territory of Russia. They, according to a representative of the diaspora, are needed to be helped getting documents giving them right to stay in Russia are simplified.

If such issues related to immigrants will not be solved, experts predict a social explosion. The leading role in it can be played by people from other countries.

“If something happens, it will be tougher and more radical than in Europe”, testifies Trofimchuk.

source : KC


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