Dokka Umarov 'killed' in response to success of Mujahideen in Dagestan

The representative of General Mission (the Wekalat) of the Caucasus Emirate has told Kavkaz Center that the information on wounding and death of Emir Dokka Abu Usman is not true.

According to him Dokka Umarov had not been wounded, he is alive and nobody of his security had been killed. A fuss around the fictional “death” of Dokka Umarov and the so-called “examination of body” which should “confirm his death”, is a “response” of invaders to elimination by Mujahideen in Dagestan of the ringleader of puppet gang of “MIA” Magomedtagirov.

We would like to remind that on the evening of 8 June, the occupation media called the fictitious date of “death” of Emir Dokka Abu Usman – Friday, June 5. However, on evening of that day a source in the Command of the Caucasus Emirate denied the previous claims by the ringleaders of apostates Kadyrov and Delimkhanov on the death of 4 members of security of Emir Dokka Abu Usman and his injury.

In a message, received by the Kavkaz Center, indicated that Emir Dokka Abu Usman is safe and sound, he is not wounded and is continuing to lead the Mujahideen forces. None of the members of his personal security are died or injured.

The previous “date of death” of Dokka Umarov can be found on the Yandex search engine:

“Date of Birth – 13.04.1964

Date of death – 27.03.2000

… On 27 March 2000 in the mountains of Chechnya, the commander of the militants Dokka Umarov was killed…. 17.06.06 Strana.Ru website, Yandex reported by referring to information of occupation media.”

We would like to indicate in this regard that the first reports on death of Dokka Umarov have been thrown into mass-media on 8 June through “yellow” Infoks website.

Last “leak” of information in “Kommersant” newspaper with the “operational” commentary by the former Foreign Minister of CRI Zakayev, that the “death” of Dokka Umarov would be “confirmed” on the Day of Russia on 12 June, indirectly points to the correctness of the representative of Wekalat that the idea of “killing” of D. Umarov has appeared after when the Mujahideen eliminated a high-ranking ringleader of Dagestani apostates Adilgerey Magomedtagirov.

The information on “death” of Dokka Umarov has been launched as an informational “switching” on “new” event, which should at least virtually weaken the effect of elimination of the ringleader of “MIA” of Dagestan.

This is a commonly known, standard practice of “informational special measures”, which has been using for many years by Russian secret services.

Meanwhile Zakayev expressed his hope to “Kommersant” newspaper that “if Dokka Umarov is really killed, it means the end of the Caucasus Emirate”.}

In that case, in Zakayev’s opinion, the new Emir “would declare the official entry of the underground armed structure into the international network of “Al-Qaeda” that ostensibly the ideologists of the “Chechen Wahhabites Isa Umarov and his brother Movladi Udugov” are trying to achieve for a long time”.

Kavkaz Center


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