Enemy’s defeat, enemy’s confession

(Arrahmah.com) – Last week CBS news and the New York Times expressed in a joint survey that 69% Americans are against the war in Afghanistan and in the recent months, resentment with war has increased swiftly.

Earlier an officer of the U. S. army, colonel Denial Davis had written in his article that the American officials are deceiving both the nation and the congress regarding the Afghan war. He said, “Ground realities are not as they are portrayed by the Pentagon generals to the congressmen and the senators and this has extremely undermined the American prestige in the whole world.”

This official of the Pentagon, who has served the American army for 17 years, says that he has been sent to Afghanistan 4 times for military service and has travelled approximately 15000 kilometers. He says that after a long journey and experience in Afghanistan, he has reached to the conclusion that the Afghan war cannot be won and he does not understand that how much more lives this war will take, which has no finale.

Similarly a few months ago, in an analysis of the American National Intelligence, comprising 100 pages, it was acknowledged that the Afghan war is a stalemate.

All of them think that the military struggles of the Americans are in vain inside Afghanistan and have no fruitful results. The reason furnished by them is that the Americans could neither establish a successful administration inside Kabul nor could setup a strong army. The Kabul administration is deeply involved in corruption and the top management is directly involved in smuggling or having secret links with the smugglers. Surprisingly the American decision makers are turning their eyes blind on these realities with appear in own press.

The previous day, the U. S. defense secretary, Leon Panetta said that wars are fought on the basis of strategies rather than on basis of public opinion. On the other hand they call themselves very shamelessly, the champion of democracy and proclaim that ‘democracy is the government of the people, for the people and by the people’. But when 69% of the masses say that we do not want war in Afghanistan, they forget the democracy and say that public opinion does not determine the policy of the war. The beneficiaries are only a small number of investors, military contractors, weapon manufacturers and the intelligence organizations. The reality is the American invaders have lost their international prestige by invading Afghanistan and the world community has realized that there is the difference of worlds between their words and deeds.

We once again call upon the decision makers of the white house and the Pentagon that the Afghan war was an aimless war even from the very beginning. Now the international community and your own masses have realized that this war was launched for colonial purposes and has nothing to do with their so called ‘TERRORISM’.

The people fighting against you, are the people who struggle and sacrifice for a legitimate cause. They have the right to enjoy a self determined life according to their own beliefs, cultures and traditions as the other free nations of world do or have. Therefore, before losing your military, economic and political reputation in the international community, it is advisable for you to leave the Afghan soil for Afghans themselves and get rid of the graveyard of the world empires.

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