Every sixth businessman in Russia not shared with FSB and so is sent in Gulag

MOSKOW (Arrahmah.com) – According to the BBC, every sixth businessman in Russia is in jail by a decision of thievish mob law of KGB thugs, the called “courts”. Doing business in Russia is a risky thing, which is complicated by greed of terrorist gang FSB, said the radio station.

According to the Organization for the Protection Small Business, Business Solidarity, led by businesswoman Jana Yakovleva, who had served term in the GULAG, every sixth Russian businessman is in jail, and every third prisoner in Russia is a businessman.

BBC cites the case which occurred with a Russian businessman who owns a company producing dairy products, Dmitry Malov. Now a businessman is serving a fifth GULAG term.

Malov served as CEO of Agromol in Kostroma. Funds needed to launch the company he took from his personal savings, for the development of the business a bank loan was needed to take. Soon the business began to flourish.

By 2009, Agromol has become a major supplier of dairy products in Kostromsokoy region; the company’s products are begun to be sold in Moscow. Soon several people visited Malov, as it turned out – they were officers of the FSB. They tried to persuade the businessman to sell his business to the KGB buyer at a lower price. Malov refused.

KGB officers threatened the businessman that if he continues to persist, he could face a jail. Malov still did not agree. Soon after he was charged with fraud. The indictment said that Malov used the funds granted by the bank, not for the purpose for which he said in a statement.

As the BBC reported, before the announcement of KGB sentence for refusing to “share”, the naive Malov continued to believe that he will be acquitted, but he was convicted and sentenced to five years in prison, as the FSB gangsters threatened him.

Vice President of Small and Medium Enterprises Support of Russia, Alexander Brechalov, told radio station: “Most entrepreneurs (60-80%) are sharing with law enforcement authorities. They do not complain. They just give everyone bribes”.

Agromol is still operating, the company employs about 300 people, but the company’s future without its leader is under threat, indicate BBC, ending with a report saying: while Malov serving his term, his children was told he’s on a trip.

source : KC


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