Exclusive Arrahmah.Com: The Explanations and Message One of Jihad commander in Aceh, Ustadz Ubaid

DEPOK (Arrahmah.com) – A message in the form of a letter received by editor of arrahmah.com, a letter from Ustadz Abu Musa Ath Thoyyar (Ubaid), terrorism suspects of Aceh. He together with several other brothers was arrested related military training in Aceh a few months ago. Until now, military training in Aceh is still a mystery which not revealed yet. What was said by Ustadz Abu Musa Ath Thoyyar (Ubaid) about military training in Aceh? Here’s his message :

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Alhamdulillah wahdahu wa sholatu wassalam ala rosulillah

wa ala ilahu wa man walahu, wa ba’du…

We have heard various comments and reactions from Muslims Ummah in general and specially from the activist comrade, about us who conduct military training in Aceh until we finally being caught.

We’re so much regret there’s a lot of comments, analysis and conclusions which only based on rumors, suspicion or media information which used to make fake facts. Sometimes it’s more aggravating in the midst of sadness we feel.

That alleviate this sadness, we are still trying to have good thought that most commentators and analysts are doing it all because of their great spirit to defend the Islamic Ummah. We admit that we are not clean from mistakes. But various efforts that we have made and the various conditions we faced during the preparation until we get caught, until now. Hopefully become udzur or eraser the mistakes. While this condition is not possible to give an explanation of what actually happened.

So i assert here, what has been said by Shaykhul Islam ” If you can find me in the enemy lines of Muslims Ummah that during this torment you, then just kill me, even though the Koran over my head.”

At the end, don’t know if will receive or not, we would like to convey greetings to Sheikh Usamah, Sheikh Aiman etc that these your children who have never know you, with all its capabilities to build jama’ah which will become an obedient soldier under your leadership. But only Allah ultimately determine the outcome. And there is nothing we can do other than with the determination of His blessings.

O Allah keep us in Your way until Khusnul khotimah.


Abu Musa Ath-Thoyyar aka Ubaid

Mako Brimob Kelapa Dua-Depok


Translate by: Sofia Firdausi/Arrahmah.com English Section


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