Exclusive interviewed with Ustadz Abdurrahim : Ustadz Abu arrested For U.S Orders!

JAKARTA (Arrahmah.com) – Related with Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir arrestment, Monday (9/8) in Banjar, West Java, a chief editor of Arrahmah.com had exclusive interviewed with Ustadz Abdurrahim by phone.

He strongly guessing that his father arrestment, Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir for U.S orders, as the party who always threaten him. Bellows the complete interview :

MF (M Fachry): Assalamu’alaikum ustadz..

UA (Ustadz Abdurrohim): Wa’alaikum salam

MF : First of all, we also being so sorry for Ustadz Abu had been arrested. How was the chronologies?

UA : After finished from couples of schedule in West Java, at that time Ustadz Abu was on the way home, around 8am we still have news at here that the group is in Banjar Area already. Around couple of minutes later, there is incoming phone call here tells that there’s arrestment at Banjar, the call immediately disconnected and after that we cant able to contact the group again.

MF : Who arrested them, you find out already? Was it Densus or from others?

UA : The Police already admitted that them who doing that arrestment.

MF : What the related is all about, is it possible related with arrestment in Bandung and Subang?

UA : I am not sure with that. Until now the family not yet receive official letter, not yet receive anything, we still cant do nothing, or tell anything. Why they have been arrested we still don’t know.

MF : Is there any attempt how to take care, Ustadz?

UA : Yes, we already contact the TPM (Muslim Lawyers Team ) and we coordinate with them.

MF : If this happen related with Obama who want to visit Indonesia, Is it possible that the arrestment only to make happy so they will come?

UA : Its possible like that. Obama cancelled visited twice so it might cause of unfinished the Home Works. Then, now finished then later Obama want to come, It can be like that. Who didn’t know that arrestments of Ustadz Abu indeed U.S order.

MF : Alright Ustadz, for the beginning information we think this is enough. Is there any hope and messages from you Ustadz?

UA : To all Muslim Ummah, we can not be just silence, that this is really desecration to all Ummah, because, firstly, he is the great Ulama. Secondly, arrestment was doing in roadside. This also will entering Month of Ramadhan. Indeed desecration. We want to be calm, but they doing like that.

MF : Alright Ustadz. Jazakumillah for your time. Assalamu’alaikum.

UA: Wa’alaikum salam wr wb.


Translate by: Myselfme, Arrahmah.Com English Section


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