Finally, the Supreme Court (MA) acknowledge the existance of American aid to hearing "terorism cases"

JAKARTA ( – Finally, the acknowledgement of the existance aid from United States (US) to the proceedings in the cases of “terrorism” declared by the Chief of Indonesia Supreme Court (MA).

“We are now get the aid from United States (US) for the cases of ‘terrorism’ to secure the trial,” said the Chief of MA, Harifin Tumpa, on the MA Building, Jalan Medan Merdeka Utara, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (28/2/2012 ), quoted by detikcom.

Tumpa did not specify in what form the U.S. aid. Related a statement of Jamaat Anshorut Tauhid (JAT) on an association of U.S. intervention against the court, Tumpa denied.

“MA is never get the aid to help if it is connected with the case. MA will always be rejected if linked (with the case),” he said.

Meanwhile, according to observers “terrorism” Mardigu, Tumpa’s acknowledgement that the U.S. aid to the proceedings in the cases of “terrorism”  is an insult to the sovereignty of the nation (Indonesia).

“If assistance data, I do not wonder, if the physical,it embarrassing and insulting the nation’s sovereignty. in fact for the trial of ‘terrorists’ do not need to require security from the U.S., “he told itoday Tuesday. “If we allow, we are weak, we are excessive”.

By this statement of Harifin Tumpa as a Chief of MA, clearly confirm the existence of the U.S. intervention to Indonesia, especially in the cases of “terrorism.” (siraaj/


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