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JAKARTA – Yesterday (29/6), the last court session faced by the owner and founder of Ar Rahmah Media, M. Jibriel was held. In the session, the judge convicted him of five years in prison, so ironic!

The very scent of coercion could be smelt in the decision. Throughout the trial that lasted for 18 weeks, all the witnesses presented, whether by the prosecutors or attorneys of M. Jibriel, not even one was incriminating the position of M. Jibriel. In fact even Amir Abdillah who was supposed to be the key witness according to the prosecutor, casually and briefly said that he did not know M. Jibriel, as well not seeing the meeting between M. Jibriel and Noordin M. Top. Also, there was no proof of evidence that could justify the indictment.

Therefore, if it is not proven that M. Jibriel was involved in the act of “terrorism” they accused him of, which had caused him to be arrested brutally, why did the judge still pass such a verdict?

At the start, he was accused as being the financier and involved in the bombings of hotel JW. Marriot and Ritz Carlton last year, after this charge was not proven, the prosecutors made other accusation i.e. hiding information about terrorism, so strange!

The verdict that is too forced so that it was impressed that M. Jibriel was really linked to “terrorism”, immediately invited strong reactions from the family and supporters of M. Jibriel. The fight is not over yet, the family and supporters of M. Jibriel will undertake any means to resist the tyranny committed by the law “enforcement” officers.

For M. Jibriel, the 5 year sentence is not a heavy verdict, in fact, according to him, even he has to be shot to death for the sake of struggling for Islam he is ready to face it. However, for this particular case, he feels that he had been tyrannized. He did not do anything he was accused of, he feels this case was so fabricated. The judge was only making theories as he wishes without looking at the facts that came along in the trial.

“This case is a clear fabrication upon me, as I was managing the Islamic media. Therefore, this is more because they want to silence the Islamic media,” he said.

Yes, the “crime” of M. Jibriel in the eyes of the law of this country is that he is the owner and founder of a media that is very pro-Muslim and the Mujahideen across the world, as well as becoming a media that is always voicing out the truth and countering the propaganda spread to bring down Islam!

M. Jibriel added that all of this is a delayed victory, fighting against tyrannical injustice is a duty and the end result for this struggle is in the hand of Allah. Victory will come in time, if not in this dunya, then it will be in the akhirah, in Allah’s court. All the oppressive human beings who are involved in this fabrication will receive their just due from Al-Khaliq. Allahuakbar!

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