Freed, Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir’s Wife Tells Chronologically Arrest of Her Huband's

Aisyah Baraja (ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir’s wife) and Madam Muslikhah (ustadz Wahyudin’s wife) that also brought to the police station in Banjar at the time of ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir arrestment along with seven other men are now arrived at the house, inside the complex Al Mukmin Ngruki Boarding School, Sukoharjo. To MuslimDaily both tell the chronological arrests, Densus 88 treatment of ustadz Abu and seven other men and Densus 88 treatment against Madam Aisyah Baraja and Madam Muslikhah.

Initially car of ustadz Abu entourage and bodyguards entered the town of Banjar at 07.30 am, after two cars that carrying ustadz Abu (deer Krista) and bodyguard (Nissan Terrano) forced into Banjar police station, immediately the two cars besieged by many members of Densus 88 which also banging on the car. Driver of ustadz Abu named Sartono told the passengers to lock all the doors, “Close the door umi, do not open it”, said Sartono just like imitated by Madam Muslikhah. Then Densus 88 shouting, “open the doors”, because the inside the car refused to surrender just like that then Densus 88 began to broke the right side of the windshield, also the middle of the right side of the glass but not until the glass broke, just cracked.

After breaking the windshield, then the door opened and driver of ustadz Abu pulled out and directly being prone, trampled and being kicked handcuffed his hands afterwards. Likewise guards of ustadz Abu who sat on the back, he being pulled out of the window which the glass was broken, and immediately being prone and handcuffed, as described Madam Muslikhah.

Medium process to bring out ustadz Abu Bakr, as told Madam Muslikhah, ustadz hand being held by officers from Densus 88 and pulled out. One of Densus 88 officers then gunpoint the long gun barrel to ustadz Abu, saying “I shoot you,” seeing as it was being assault, ustadz Abu Bakar angry and chase Densus 88 officers who had been terrorizing him. “Ustad Abu Bakar was really mad at that time” said Madam Muslikhah, he even pursued the Densus 88 officer while saying “I wish you accursed by Allah, I pray to Allah cursed the police,” after that other officers hold ustadz Abu Bakar who had been old for not pursuing officer was pointing a gun. “This is the first time I saw ustadz Abu Bakar was really mad,” said Madam Muslikhah.

According to Umi Icun (intimate call of Aisyah Baraja) that’s her last time met ustadz Abu Bakr, she later approached him and shook hands, at here ustadz Abu Bakar told her to be patient. After that ustadz Abu was taken with the car containing Densus 88 officers and taken away.

Then Umi Icun and Madam Muslikhah brought into the Banjar police station. Their entered into the living room and asked for identification. Madam Muslikhah had a dialogue with the policewoman who requesting her testimony, “Miss, a Muslim, right?” then answered by the policewoman, “yes I am a Muslim,” then Madam Muslikhah continue “Then you should know who is ustadz Abu, ustadz is a preachers, he is not a robber, he is not a criminal, he is not corrupt, why are caught with such a coarse way ?” but the policewoman just silent.

They both end up sitting in the living room. In afternoon, Madam Muslikhah hear from the next room the broadcast TV One which contains interview with Director Al Mukmin Ngruki Boarding School, ustadz Wahyudin (Madam Muslikhah’s husband), then Madam Muslikhah and Umi Icun into the next room and go watch television. Madam Muslikhah says “it was my husband on television, I would listen for a minute”, after that they both sat down to see the TV, but only for a moment the electricity suddenly turned off so they do not get access to information.

Then they returned to the living room while waiting for the next process. At around 03:00 pm, umi Icun and Madam Muslikhah then allowed to go home, and they chose to be delivered to a cabin in Ciamis named Nurus Salam Boarding School. And from these Boarding School, in the evening after pray Isya’, they both brought home to Solo by the board of West Java JAT named ustadz Yoyok. At around 5:00 am after dawn they reached to Ngruki and

go home in Boarding School complex.

May God give patience to Ustad Abu Bakar Ba’asyir and his family and patience to the youth that also captured by Densus 88. (Muslimdaily /

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