Freedom fighters hit Alawite army headquarters in Damascus

DAMASKUS ( – Two explosions targeting the general headquarters of Assad’s army in Damascus engulfed at least two floors of the building in flames on Wednesday, the latest in a series of major bombings in the capital. Dozens of Assad’s thugs have been killed.

The top two floors of the building have caught fire and Assad’s men on the roof were waving their arms, signaling for rescue. Many roads in the center of the capital were blocked, and ambulances rushed to the scene. Hours of gunfire following the incident.

The attack was similar to one staged earlier this month in the same area that struck a building housing Alawite security staff for the Assad’s army general headquarters.

Freedom fighters have launched increasingly audacious attacks inside Assad’s seat of power since expanding their presence in the city this summer. An assassination bombing in central Damascus in July killed Assad’s defense minister and brother-in-law. Bombs planted by freedom fighters exploded on Tuesday at a building occupied by security forces and pro-Assad’s militants in Damascus.

Meanwhile, a global organization, Save the Children, collected shocking testimony revealing that Muslim children have been the targets of brutal attacks by Assad’s Alawites, seen the deaths of parents, siblings and other children, and have witnessed and experienced torture.

Released on Tuesday, the collection of first-hand accounts of the war from Syrian children and parents after fleeing their country contains graphic details of how children have been caught up in Syria’s war, witnessing massacres by Alawites and experiencing torture.

The report gave detailed accounts of several children who witnessed horrific atrocities in their country.

“Dead bodies along with injured people were scattered all over the ground. I found body parts all over each other. Dogs were eating the dead bodies for two days after the massacre,” it quoted 14-year-old Hassan as saying.

Another Syrian boy, Wael, 16, said he knew a six-year-old boy who “was tortured more than anyone else … he only survived for three days and then he simply died.”

The global organization urged the UN to step up its documentation of all violations of children’s rights by the Assad’s regime in Syria.

source : Kavkaz Center


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