From Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir to all Muslim Students

Jakarta (Arrahmah.Com) – Probably most people know Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir as an elderly cleric who charismatic. His gait was no longer preaching at the local level of this country. Starting from his undisguised in conveying the truth to the regime which in power make him in and out of the hotel without cost (read – jail) until finally he moved to Malaysia.

His Hijrah (move) to Malaysia did not make an alumnus of the University of Al-Irysad was silent and did not do anything. As he once said, “migration is not merely run away but a strategy.” Sure enough, Allah opens vast opportunities abroad to preach, he ever fill the recitation from the start in Malaysia, Singapore and even in Australia.

Who would have thought Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir with his poor experience across in the world of preaching was in the beginning as a activist student and college student. According to his confession he was a member of the Islamic Scout (now knowing as Boy Scouts), then when he signed on Ponpes Gontor he joint PII (Indonesian Islamic Student). Graduated from Gontor he continued studying at the University of Al-Ershad Solo, in there that he became an activist HMI (Islamic Student Association) and was holding a strategic position which led Da’wah Institute of Islamic Students (LDMI).

Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir is the former of campus activist is now back on hold since August 9, 2010. With tragic after doing safari da’wah his car herded into Banjar police station and arrested by Detachment 88 may Allah cursed them. Although he now get slander from the country’s regime taghout unremitting his preaching, delivered taushiyah or even call that he goes to various circles. Even the few times when he visited kept mentioning the role of student. This is his appeal to Muslim students who were taken from the holding cell Criminal Investigation Police Headquarters.

I expect Muslim students more better if Muslim students who spearheaded the establishment of the Islamic State, entek-entekan (Java Language), an all-out are fine!

Students held a revolution such as in Suharto era, but with decisive goal, the enactment of Islamic law 100% that’s the goal, because its aqidah demands, it is our rights. So now the status of Islam and Muslims were living in the colonial period, rather than economic colonialism but colonialism ‘aqidah, we couldn’t implement Islamic law 100%. So we are living in the colonial period, it makes no difference with the Dutch period, when first colonizing the Netherlands now that colonize the Nationalists those taghout.

The students Must be brave! Do not just bring about a revolution by replacing Thaghut Suharto (replace the old thaghut with the new thaghut, writer). But the revolution back to the establishment of Islam, that means also as jihad.

The scholars interpret jihad is the war or by revolution to overthrow power of thaghut replaced with Islam. Well if students dare so that’s good, if the aim is to go off it then die would nothing to loose, die fi sabilillah.

So Muslims should not remain in the State that is not Islam, is that many people do not understand, my preaching which kind like this was dislike. I say if muslim people are allowing their country is not Islam because of economic considerations that could be an apostate.

All scholars agree must be migrated to the land of Islam! Or trying to turn the country to the Islamic State. Because Islam can not be demonstrate except with the system and power, then the Muslims who controlled and should not be controlled, it must be understood! Indeed, this information makes thaghut really angry. So the student should understand!

We were with the Kuffar allow to be soft only for dunia affairs, helping each other. But when it matters with shari’ah lakum dinukum waliyadin’. If there are Kuffar agree except for one Islamic shariah Ionly, no! Must be 100%.

But if the world matters more less than it’s okay, we relented that it’s okay to live in harmony, helping each other. So far we relented for shari’ah matters, as a result to this day. When its we free independent we’ve relented to Sukarno, Sukarno brought hell ideology, we fight for our heavenly ideologies relented, we accept Sukarno’s ideology hell, so to this day are hell!

It should firmly that time, No! No State is okay! If you do not want to, you get out! This country must remain Islamic, that so!

Thus his appeal to muslim students in this whole country. The call is very clear and explicit, not simply replace the old taghut with the new thaghut but to replace the system of this state from kuffar systems to the Islamic system. O my Muslim students from any campus organization you know, Allah the Exalted say: Truth is from your Lord, therefore you should never include those who doubt (Al-Baqarah: 147) therefore there is no other attitude for you besides “listen and carry out …!” (Wd/Sofia Azzahra/Arrahmah.Com)


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