FSA Mujahideen freeing prisoners held in regime jail

IDLIB (Arrahmah.com) – Al hamdulillah, Mujahideen from Free Syrian Army (FSA) released 300 inmates from Idlib’s Central prison on Saturday (1/26/2013) after besieging the area and destroying several buildings, reported by Al Arabiya.

Videos posted online by activists showed Mujahideen burst into the jail in the west entrance of the provincial capital.

Dozens prisoners were shown escaping to an outdoor area of the prison, protected by Mujahideen, as gunfire and explosions are heard.

One man collapsed, bleeding profusely, and others were seen struggling to carry him.

Other night footage apparently from inside the prison showed bombed-out cells and dead inmates on the floor, who prisoners say were summarily executed by regime soldiers.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, At least 10 FSA fighters have been killed since Friday in clashes inside the prison. (siraaj/arrahmah.com)


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