IEA: Saripul prison broken, 170 Mujahideen freed

KAPISA ( – Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate participated in a successful armed offensive amid operation Al-Farooq on the security belt of Saripul provincial prison and freed hundreds of prisoners, Thursday (7/6/2012) night.

Details of the operation state that a group of Mujahideen initially attacked the surrounding enemy security posts while a second group proceeded towards the main prison wall, blew a hole with explosives and overran the check post inside. It is said that some 13 enemy troops were also killed in the attack and dozens of others wounded.

170 Mujahideen inmates including governors and group commanders were later freed and transferred to a safe location.

Similar operations have also been carried out in Kandahar province twice previously in which 1000 inmates were freed the first time and 450 the second.

This successful operation demonstrates that the enemy deeply lacks the moral and military skills despite being deeply entrenched and still failing in protecting the prison. 

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan



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