Invaders abandon and burn down strategic base in Zurmat

PAKTIA ( –  A large strategic base of foreign troops in Rahman Khel area, Mamozi region, was abandoned and burnt down by the invaders who fled the area last night, according to officials reporting from Zurmat district.

This large base was located and occupied by a large contingent in the desert of Rahman Khel from where the invaders carried out operations in Mamozi, Shah-i-Kot, Arma district and other areas.
The cowardly invaders were finally forced to vacate their recently built base due to constant missile attacks for the past few years. Mujahideen in the district say that with this development, this whole large region once again comes under their complete control and can freely move between various areas of Zurmat district, Shah-i-Kot, Arma district and Naka district of Paktika province.
It should be mentioned that foreign invaders have recently begun abandoning dozens of their strategic bases throughout Afghanistan which in itself in proof that the nation is gradually attaining its freedom and also the military defeat of foreign crusader forces and their allies.
Al-Emarah website always strives to collect such news of fleeing of the enemy as well as the advancements of Mujahideen so it can be a cause of happiness for the oppressed Afghan nation in this time of Eid. (Alemarah/


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