Just how stupid are Americans?

Although this video is old, it is a classic. It shows how truly stupid the American people are.



To watch, click here.

And they are led by a stupid president.

Of course, not all Americans are as stupid as the ones in the video. Some are very smart. However, the majority of the ones that try to comment on this blog with insulting language, wasting their time, are as stupid as the ones in the video. They know I won’t read the comment and that I’ll delete it, yet due to their stupidity, they feel an obligation to come here and waste their time.

In general, Americans are mixed between stupidity and intelligence. That’s quite embarrassing. It is known that the average Pakistani citizen – even the poorest of the poor who roam the streets – know a lot about the IMF and World Bank and many know about it in great detail. How many Americans know that such a thing even exists?

There is nothing to be proud of when your own people are a joke.


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