Last Year’s Achievements of Puppet Authority in Afghanistan

 Public might have heard that puppet authority has revealed some last year achievements in tricking public to wait more for one year. Some news agencies, they call themselves free have also joined puppet lies and propagandas and have said that afghan puppet government have killed thousands of opponents, have seized some areas from them, have solved economic problems of public, fulfilled many reconstruction projects and many foreign officials have visited Afghanistan.

We want to hand over justice to the public and let them judge between us, what puppet government did, how many projects did they complete, how many jobs did they create in Afghanistan, and those who the activists of human rights live in Arg listen to those afghans hardships living in ruins of Afghanistan.

Before jobless Afghans used to go to Iran and feed the families but karzai accepted slavery under US domination made a head ache for Afghans in Iran and it expelled thousands of Afghans by force, did puppet provide any facilities to them?

What was the export and import through Bagaram, Kandahar, Mazare sharif and Shendand airports with out importing sex CDs, Indian and holly wood movies and instruments of obscenity and adultery and exporting drug to Europe and America by US and NATO cargo jets from Afghanistan.

We admit that many high western high ranks officials visited Afghanistan and brought many things , what were many things just military equipments, money and arms, but despite of bringing many instruments they had not been able the whole year to recapture Musa Kala district and if they have any proof of capturing any area they are allowed to mention the name.

Western have said that we killed thousands of enemies last year but all the fatalities were among the civilians and Taliban were countable among them. Last year civilians had been under their jets and arterially targets not Taliban.

Puppet and invaders must admit that 2007 year was the year of Taliban they not only captured Musa Kala but 12 more districts they seized, created public authority, Islamic system and peace never seen before in the world and invaders were surprised by themselves watching such kind of peace under Taliban role.

NATO, US and puppet administration must admit that those were Taliban who torched thousands of equipments, vehicles , and killed , injured and handicapped thousands of soldiers and blocked the ways of their convoys and supply trucks on high ways.

Another successful attempt of Taliban was the capture of 23 Korean Christian’s preachers and with drawl of Korean troops and other personals from Afghanistan as an ally of US. Assaults proofed that with out Taliban Afghanistan is impossible to be made because last year they killed 2160 coalition troops in Afghanistan and now NATO, US and their allies must salute afghan’s braveness.

Imarat Islami of Afghanistan

Voice of Jihad, 29 Dhu al-Hijjah 1428


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