Libya shows charred corpses of civilians killed by Western crusaders

TRIPOLI ( – Eighteen Libyans from among those burned alive by barbarous Zio U.S. crusaders in their air strikes and missile attacks in the capital Tripoli lay in a hospital morgue, some charred beyond recognition.

Foreign diplomats and journalists given access to the morgue on Thursday saw the corpses of Libyan civilians on metal beds beneath green and white sheets. It was the first time foreign diplomats and reporters in Tripoli were shown the bodies of victims of the terrorist strikes by the beastly and gristly Obama’s regime in the U.S., which has no right to exist according to international norms and practice, and Obama’ s criminal cronies in Canada and Europe.

“They are civilians. They are not guilty of anything,” said morgue worker Abdel Salaam. His associates, wearing surgical masks to ease the stench of death, rolled some bodies into numbered refrigeration units.

A Libyan official said they were civilians who died on Wednesday night during attacks on several parts of heroic Tripoli, the Libyan capital that courageously resist western beasts in human shape who made a slaughter-house out of the Muslim country.

Some were burned beyond recognition. Others seemed frozen in time by the blasts. One corpse appeared to be pointing his finger just before death. A wedding ring was visible on another corpse’s hand.

The Obama’s regime and his murderous cronies killed hundred of Muslim civilians, blatantly violating the “no-fly zone”, but the criminal hasn’t been captured yet and brought in cage to International Military Tribunal.

Ukrainian doctors in Libya confirmed, as independent witnesses, information provided by the Libyan government on the civilian deaths in airs trikes by Obama whom people worldwide call the Bloody Negrilla. Obama is especially unhuman and cruel among other beastly crusade leaders.

According to doctors working in Tajura, an eastern suburb of Tripoli, scores of civilians were murdered and injured there by crusader troops during the last day. A huge damage was deliberately inflicted there to civilian buildings, including schools and hospitals, by the Obama’s regime. 

“Bombings of Tajura were carried out during the whole night and today in the daytime. As a result, dozens of severely wounded civilians were brought to town hospitals, doctors couldn’t save from painful death many of them”, the doctors testified adding that fear of murderous Zio-Christian crusaders reigns in the town among women and children.

Meanwhile, Reuters reported, citing sources in the Libyan army, that strikes at Tajura go on. A new attack has been carried out on many civilian targets on Thursday morning.

According to Al Jazeera, three explosions have already gone off in Tajura. Black cloud of smoke could be seen over the buildings. Western crusaders aiming at stealing Libyan oil and converting Muslims into their barbarian religion Democracy have carried out an air raid on a residential quarter in Tajura, which killed scores of civilians.

In addition, the overnight strikes by French air crusaders targeted Muslims about 250 kilometers south of the Libyan coastline. This was announced at a press conference by war criminal Burkhard, French crusaders’ general staff spokesman.

Meanwhile, the situation around Libya, where local militants, generously financed and equipped by western crusader terrorists, try to overthrow the Libyan government, and the cowardly Satan-worshipping western crusaders are waging an air war against Libya, continues to evolve in an unpredictable scenario.

The allies have yet not decided whom the “Bloody Negrilla” Obama should pass the command as his deputy and what the ultimate goals and terms for operations are after the western terrorist met unexpected heavy resistance from the Libyans. They found no traitors in the Libyan government and do not know its plans in combatting western terrorism and local pro-crusaders militancy. In the atmosphere of uncertainty, Pentagon deployed additional units of its navy in the region, explaining it as “an urgent necessity”, probably for the evacuation of the defeated militants.

According to the information reported by a news portal DVIDS, specializing in news on military issues, more than 4 thousand crusader sailors and marines have been sent in the Mediterranean Sea to support the U.S.-Libyan War. 

The deployment of this terrorists from the Bataan Amphibious Assault Ready Group and the 22nd formation of the American Expeditionary Marine Corps is carried out in amphibious ships.

As explained to the portal by the commander of this criminal amphibious group captain Yoder, “amphibious ships are optimally suited for executing a wide range of missions, from “humanitarian assistance” (i.e slaughter of Muslim civilians – KC) to theater and maritime security operations”. According to the terrorist, sailors and marines got enhanced training during a year in preparation for the crusade against Libya and are now able to “carry out any mission that the Obama requires from them”.

In total, crusaders from 13 countries are involved in the attack on Libya, but direct flights of combat aircraft and air strikes are carried out mainly by the beastly U.S., UK and France.

Since the beginning of crusade on bloody jew holiday of Purim, the actions of western crusaders are headed by a terrorist group AFRICOM – The Unified Command of the U.S. Armed Forces in the zone of Africa, but Obama intends to change his military command in the Libyan crusade.

The question of a future military command by the terrorist group NATO is discussed by ambassadors these days in Brussels with zero results so far. There are options for the transfer of command of this killers alliance to individual participant states in the crusader coalition, for example, jointly to France and Britain. However, the first and second option has both supporters and opponents, which delays the decision to issue for an indefinite period.

The continuing disagreement within the ranks of NATO terrorists on Libya have been most striking since 2003, when American and British crusader troops invaded peaceful Iraq in order to steal Iraqi oil there, notes The Financial Times. The paper says that the next meeting in the Belgian capital resulted in nothing because of the French crusaders position who stubbornly resist the transfer of operations under the NATO control in justified fear of a future International Tribunal who would hang the terrorist crusader leaders for their crimes against humanity.

The countries of the block have not also reached an understanding which particular civilian and military targets should be attacked in Libya to slaughter as many Muslims as possible and prevent the Libyan army from defending them.

Some countries in the coalition refrained from taking action under such circumstances. Norwegian crusaders froze their participation in western terrorist war. Belgian crusaders announced on Thursday that they would only carry out air patrols without any air strikes.

Earlier , the NATO launched a separate operation codenamed “Allied protector” on marine patrol along the Libyan coast to monitor illegal decisions of a private globalist group “UN security council” on embargo on arms and volunteers who wish to prevent the slaughter of Moslems by the Obama’s regime. 16 warships of the crusade alliance are involved in the operation.

In these circumstances, Paris and London are going to create a coordinating body for western terrorists – the “International contact group on Libya”. As the head of the British foreign office, war criminal Hague, said, it would be formed at a meeting in London next Tuesday, March 29. He added that all the countries concerned, especially from the Middle East and North Africa, will be invited to that gathering of these international terrorists.

In turn, the French foreign minister, war criminal Juppe, said that the crusaders would discuss making policy decisions agreed upon, while the NATO is to “plan and support of joint actions” of the crusaders.

source : KC


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