Mali: Military junta again announce it captured Konna and Diabaly, Mujahideen command denies

MALI ( – Mali’s military junta has once again announced that its forces, backed by French invaders and mercenaries from the African Union, captured the cities of Konna and Diabaly.

This is not the first such statement, but until now the allegations were untrue and pure propaganda.

And this time, the command of the Mujahideen has denied the statement of the military junta in Bamako. Konna and Diabaly are under the control of the Mujahideen.

It is reported, in particular, it is clear that the city of Diabay in country’s west is in full control of Mujahideen of battalion Tariq ibn Ziyad under the command of Abu Zeid of Algeria.

Moreover, the French invaders are still hesitate to hold ground offensive and just conduct air strikes.

According to latest data, the French aircraft bombed 3 vehicles with the families of refugees on the border of Mali and Mauritania – the vehicles were completely burned, and all the Muslims killed. (kavkaz center/


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