Man says he was informant for FBI in Orange County

This news item is regarding a true Munafiq (who never became a Muslim), that converted to Islam for the purpose of spying on Muslims in California for the FBI. The article can be read at the LA Times. We can learn the following lessons from this article:

  • It is now an official practice of Muslims in America to report ’suspicious’ Muslims to the FBI. Although this spy was a Kafir Munafiq, it still gives insight into the fact that if you have leanings towards Jihad, then you should expect Muslims to report you to the authorities. That’s one of the reasons why the Muslims here should commit to making Hijrah due to the blatant treachery of some Muslims here.
  • The FBI gave this man a specific role to follow. His role was to ‘find his roots’ and use that to make himself appear as a ’serious student’ of Islam. So he would probably be spending a lot of time listening more than talking. My advice – and this is from experience – is to either steer clear of converts and let others take them under their wing, or if you do happen to be around them often, then pay attention to how he presents himself to you, and whether or not it feels ‘fake.’ Sometimes, you can tell that a person is around you for something else other than brotherhood. The Kuffaar can never experience brotherhood with true Muslims because they have no Iman.
  • There are many pathetic Muslims in this Country that actually think that they can work safely with the FBI without the FBI slapping them in the face. They think they can act as a liaison between the Muslims and the FBI without the FBI infiltrating Masaajid and using people to imprison the innocent. When will the Muslims learn that you cannot befriend those whom Allah hates?! Again, it goes back to Wala’ and Bara’, a totally unheard of concept in the Muslim American Community.
  • The FBI informant said, “Although the FBI has not fulfilled their promises, I am proud to have participated in the War on Terror.” Do Muslims honestly think that he’s the only American that thinks like this? By Allah, most of these American’s would love to be paid $100,000+, especially in this horrible Economic situation, to get rid of ‘terrorists’ in their Country. The FBI can easily brainwash American citizens into believing that they are doing good for the defense of the Country. So what makes Muslims think that it’s safe to live here? If they say it’s safe, it’s only because the dunya here is apparently nicer, otherwise, the major principles of what constitutes as ’safe’ is entirely absent – according to Shari’ah.

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