Martyr attack hits Jalalabad airfield: 18 US invaders killed, 40 others wounded

NANGARHAR ( – Mujahideen officials said that Sunday, December 02, 2012. 6:00 a.m. local time a group of 12 martyrdom seeking Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate stormed Jalalabad Airfield, in the provincial capital of the country.

First, one of the fearless loins of Islam, Sadiqullah slammed his explosive-stuffed vehicle into the gate of the airbase, blowing it apart and damaging part of the base including almost all of the base’s security checkpoints and cameras with this, the rest of 11 Mujahideen combatants disguised as American soldiers drove into the airbase without being confronted by any resistance and began having a head on fight with the US invading troops and their puppets lasting for about two and a half hours.

Finally, Mujahideen blew up the second vehicle among the enemy forces through which Mujahideen had gotten into the base. Meantime, oher Mujahideen combatants outside the base stormed missiles and mortar into the base helping 5 out of 11 Mujahideen to escape unhurt and join Mujahideen, whereas, 6 Mujahideen fought to the very last and became martyrs, killing as many as 18 US invading troops and injuring more than 40 US invaders and local puppets. 5 enemy aircraft, including 4 helicopters destroyed during the fact to face fighting and bomb attacks. (shahamat/


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