Men who were chewed up by the wolves of ‘Iraaq

Here are some pictures for those pathetic Americans that keep denying the reality on the ground in ‘Iraaq.

The reality on the ground is simple:

1. America is losing while they think they are winning

2. The ‘Iraaqi Nationals who support and fight for America are crushed on a daily basis

3. Thousands of Americans have been killed

4. Tons more are injured

5. A great number of soldiers are of low morale because of the uselessness in the war

6. The depression amongst soldiers is very high

7. Suicide amongst the soldiers are climbing

8. Many in the Army are anti-war and are totally against the ‘Iraaqi invasion

9. The soldiers are so depressed and hopeless there that they turn to rape of women & children as well as the killing of everyday ‘Iraqi civilians; the majority of them get away with it while the unlucky ones get caught or reported

10. Many of the injured soldiers that return home don’t get enough help and support; the hospitals are complaining that they are overloaded with patients from the US Army and their waiting list is long enough.

11. America spent money stacked up to the heavens… literally, billions of dollars in fighting the Mujaahideen, and yet, they are losing by the grace of Allah Ta’aala

[That injured soldier is either an idiot for actually being happy or he’s holding it in…]




[Two disbelievers pondering over their stupidity of going to ‘Iraaq]



[The shirt reads, “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” Typical Government brainwashing]



[Like Bush really cares! He’s the idiot that sent this kid to destroy his future for a useless cause]



[Perhaps Bush is realizing how he is injuring and killing his own citizens]

Sumber: InshAllahShaheed


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