Message of Ameer Al Mumeneen Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid about the pleasure of Eid al-Fitr

To the whole of Muslim Ummah, to the Mujahid Nation of Afghanistan and those who are fighting against the illegitimate American led war, I extend my congratulations for the fasting of Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr. May Allah make this day a day of pride and success for the Muslim Ummah.

First of all keeping this religious day in mind I extend my sympathies to all those families who lost relatives in this unjust and inhuman war. Especially to those who were separated from their loved ones in the merciless and cowardly aerial attacks in the Eastern areas and districts of Herat by the inhuman enemy. I pray to Allah for their patients, rewards and share their deep sorrow and grief. I assure all the effected families that their innocent blood will not go in vain. The blood of your loved one although very cheep for the pompous and merciless enemy, has great values with Allah and Allah will one day in return of this pure blood will bring an harsh and embarrassing defeat to the intruded enemies. Allah will bless us with his Just Islamic System in return of these sacrifices. وماذالک علی الله بعزیز.

But all the Afghans, the Muslim Nations of the region and around the world must comprehend the reality that the common enemy of our lands and beliefs will never be satisfy from us unless we accept their slavery in its totality. The only way to get rid of their slavery is the way shown by Quran, which has commanded the order of Jihad by fighting at the time of defending ones lands and beliefs.

The current situation of our country are clear signs of Allah’s help. America which never ever imagined its defeat due to its technological advancement, now everyday it welcomes the coffins of its soldiers and is facing great life and monetary losses. A few years back no one would have conceived that US and its allies will face such resistance in Afghanistan, which will compel their president to beg other counties to provide economical, military equipment and soldiers assistance to combat the resistance, furthermore no one is prepared to bring to light this unique development.

This reality reveals the good news to the Ummah that if we adhere to our beliefs in our Lord and stick to the goals with one voice, than the day is near when these foreign intruders will run away. That destiny is very near now. The intruders were here, to eliminate Mujahideen, to capture the Islamic Leaders, to make military stations in Asia, to capture the resources of central Asia by propagating immorality and distortion of religious beliefs. Last seven years of their effects have been fruitless, they can not be successful for the next hundred years, because the resistance of Ummah has become a reality which everyday is gaining moment and cutting the path of this resistance is now becoming more and more difficult with each passing day. And the intruders himself has accepted this ground reality.

We tell the intruders that being proud and arrogant you attacked our lands without any legitimate reasons, now sensing the intensity of the time, you must revise your views of your illegitimate attacks. And seek a way to withdraw your forces. If you show your intension of withdrawing your forces, we once again will show our principal by give you a safe way out, in order to show that we never harm any one.

We will also try to satisfy your forged misconceptions which you are always concocting in order to attack us, in the process make our lands safe from you in future.

If you still stick to your illegitimate attacks on us, than, on one hand this region will face historic changes in future and on the other hand you will also face defeat and will be disgrace in the whole world just like USSR, and future generation will also not accept the validity of your attacks in the whole world.

Our poor country is just like a lawless jungle due to the illegitimate attacks. Forces of many countries and thousands of internal forces in the name of Police and national Army march in the country but still the casualties, looting and plundering of the people has turned this country into a wild jungle that neither life, property is safe nor dignity and honour. This is because the external forces are the thieves of our land rich resources and the internal forces are the thieves of the property, dignity and honour of the people of this land. So how one can imaging and expect peace and harmony where national and international thieves are in power. If police and security forces of a state consists of such people who are characterless, belief less, drug addicts, and strayed from houses, how can they can safeguard the lives and property of the people.

In such situation where the institutions of Kabul have time and time accepted the involvement of security forces in incidents of looting and rapping. How can our people believe that they will safeguard the sovereignty, natural resources and borders when ministers and governors are the leaders of the looting gangs and agents of foreign mafia or are on the payroll of the intruder’s intelligence agencies.

If the intruders could not get a hold on the system in the last seven years, they will never be able to get a hold on it, neither will they be able to feed venom to Afghans in sweet drinks through press and publications. The situation has changed now, and the intruders know this change. All the Muslim nations say that peace can only come to this region when these imperialist intruders withdraw their forces from this region.

Now is the time that the whole world and specially neighbouring and regional countries should help us kick out this devil and achieve freedom. They should stop supporting the ill advice and arrogant US policies any more. Because supporting further wrong policies is itself wrong.

In the end I call for the resistance and unity to the respected and proud Mujahideen in this holy Jihad. My great Mujahideen Brothers: By virtue of your day and night tiring life has broken the pride of the enemy and Muslim Ummah now sees the power of revenge in them due to your strong resistance. People wear different kinds of cloths in the rest of the Islamic world, but you have beautified yourselves with bullets and jackets of gun powder in the battlefields. Because the best and respected cloth in current conditions of Muslim Ummah is the one you wear.

I once again give you the same guidelines, to stand in front of the enemy like steel. But be very careful when you face the general people and your innocent country men. Don’t go for an attack which has a possibility of harming the general people. All your operations must be in the light of the sayings of Allah and the way of Muhammad (Sallaho Alaihe wa Sallam). Always leave your personal and emotional feelings behinds.

Every act which is not in harmony with the teachings of Islam or is not according to the Islamic civilization or does not look good with Muslim Ummah and your enemy convert operations disguised under your identity, like blasts in Masjids and where there are a gathering of the general people, looting of the properties on the highways, cutting noses and ears in the name of differences which Islam forbids and consider permissible and non-permissible or burning of Islamic books must be strongly countered. And whoever is doing like this for whatever reasons must show his group and must not defame our Mujahideen.

Our enemy is always involved in such activities, therefore Mujahideen should be very careful and vigilant. Furthermore that our enemy due to its devilish nature is very clever in making trickeries. And at the time of its defeat it always put these trickeries to work. And Muslim Ummah often gets caught in these devilish trickeries. It’s a historical fact that Muslim Ummah has never been defeated with sword. But has always been facing tough time due these trickeries, and now the enemy is concocting to somehow put some differences between Mujahideen or in Mujahideen and the general public.

They used the same tactics in Palestine and have almost practically divided Palestinian resistance. They blow the fire of Shia-Sunni differences in Iraq and have created great differences in people and Mujahideen. And now they want to use the same tactics in Afghanistan and in the region. You be careful with that with all your powers, give place in your hearts to your brothers and your people, in order to defeat your enemy completely.

The enemy wants to engage the Mujahideen in such small and unnecessary targets in order to dissolve their economic and military power. Take a very good care of this point and give a powerful and deadly blow to your enemy and give more attention in striking the eternal enemy.

Islamic Scholars and great elders of the Momin, Mujahid Ummah should try to get the young men who are involved with these slaved institutions and slaved militias which are fighting the Mujahideen, and tell the people who are working with these unsuccessful institutions and salved militias is like standing against Islam and the nation.

They have named them as National Army, National Security and National Police to keep the people in dark. In reality they are the militias against Islam and have no national or Islamic basis.

I once again invite those elders who call themselves Mujahideen and are still standing with the American Institutions, to stop standing against the Mujahid Nation. They should not go the wrong way for the sake of Allah.

They should not defame the great words of Jihad and Mujahid for personal gains and positions. They should come and stand in the rows of Mujahideen and if can not participate in fighting, they at least should not strengthen the enemy.

In the end along with the Mujahid Nation of Afghanistan, I also demand from the great nations of Palestine and Iraq to very strictly act on واعتصموابحبل الله, throw back the difference in between and be united against the foreign treacherous and merciless enemy. I pray for the eternal defeat of the intruders and eternal victory of the Mujahideen.


Was Salam

Servant of Islam

Ameer Al-Mu’meneen Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


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