Message Of Felicitation Of The Esteemed Amirul Momineen (May Allah Protect Him) On The Occasion Of The Eid Ul Adha

( – In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.

Praise be to Allah, the Sustainer of the Worlds and peace be on the leader of the two dominions, the noblest of the apostles, the Leader of Mujahideen, our prophet, Mohammad, the Chosen one (peace be upon him) and on his offspring and all his companions. Having said that, I would like to further say: I seek refuge in Allah from Satan, the rejected one.

“Those who disbelieve, spend their wealth to debar others from the path of Allah. They will continue to spend it till it will become a cause of regret for them and in the end, they will be overcome. And those who disbelieve shall be gathered in Hell. Holy Quran (8:36)

When Jesus son of Mary said: “Children of Israel! Verily, I am the Messenger of Allah to you, confirming that (which came) before me and giving good news of an apostle that will come after me whose name shall be Ahmad.” Holy Quran (61:6)

I extend my felicitation to all Muslim people of Afghanistan, to the gallant Mujahideen who are now arrayed against the invasion, to the families of the martyrs, to the disabled and the esteemed pilgrims in every part of the world, on this occasion of Eid-ul-Odha, a great day of selflessness, sacrifice and joy.

I pray to the Almighty Allah to bless the Islamic Ummah to spend these days of the Eid of Sacrifice, in joy, serenity and a feeling of euphoria. Similarly, I congratulate, the honor-loving and high-spirited Mujahideen brothers on the unprecedented military victories of the current year. May Allah, the Almighty give us and you (further) steadfastness and persistence and salvage our oppressed people from this unlawful invasion. Surely, the moments (of victory) are close at hand now rather than any other time else.

Mujahideen brothers!

You are in the scene witnessing that the ranks of Jihad do strengthen, experiencing expansion in every part of the country because of the close support of ( our) brave people with the Mujahideen and their sacrifices . Massive aggressive and Jihadic tactical attacks are carried out against the grand bases of the invaders. The (enemy) evacuate military bases and barracks in awe of Mujahideen. Some conscious daring Muslims from among the ranks of the regime installed by the invaders, launch decisive attacks against the cunning invading enemy. Those Afghans who have been deceived are now turning to the peaceful lap of the Islamic Emirate in groups as a result of the efforts underway by the Call and Guidance Commission. Other self-same developments and transformations are some of the achievements that we and you should, as an obligation, have to thank Allah (swt) for having them bestowed on us.

We ask the Almighty Allah with deep humbleness to grace us with further ability to achieve our goals, to remain committed to the aspirations of our Jihad, neither become arrogant ( to gloat) nor become heedless about the goals and sacred path of Jihad. We should seek the pleasure of Allah in the conduct of all affairs and make it our resolution to obey our superiors, to implement the bye-law of Jihad, and to work for the establishment of the Islamic system, the comfort and prosperity of our people, our nation of which you and we are a part and parcel, has gone through hardships, sufferings and oppression in the past over thirty years They deserve it as an obligation on us to behave with them with tolerance and good manners. It is because of the sacrifices, selflessness and daring feats of this very nation that you and we become able in keeping up the battle against such an arrogant power for eleven years triumphantly and face the enemy with defeat at all fronts.

You and we should feel the pain of the nation and share its grief. We should realize that complete victory and quashing of the enemy become possible only through the help of the Almighty Allah and the bilateral cooperation of our people. The superiors and subordinates of the Islamic Emirate should try to cement their unity, coherence and intimacy, avoid internal differences, conduct the affairs of Jihad with mutual sympathy and consultation, work out good plans for the quashing of the enemy and implement them; provide facilities for the common people, save them from the atrocities and brutalities of the invaders and the Arbakis, pay full attention to the prevention of civilian casualties.

The enemy has tried and is trying to blame the Mujahideen for the civilian casualties. Increase your efforts to expand the area of infiltration in the ranks of the enemy and to bring about better order and array in the work. This tactic will achieve more fruitful results, if God willing. Focus on honing behavior and raising level of knowledge of the Mujahideen. Explain to them all essential injunctions and ethics of Jihad, and pay attention to their education, vastness of insight and moral upbringing. Give a hand of help to the orphans, the disabled and the prisoners. This should remain inculcated in your mind that every action contrary to the religious requirements, and being based on sheer emotions bring in only wicked consequences.

We call on the Afghans who still stand with the stooge regime to turn to full-fledged cooperation with their Mujahid people like courageous persons in order to protect national interests and to complete independence of the country. Jihadic activities inside the circle of the State militias are the most effective stratagem. Its dimension will see further expansion, organization and efficiency if God willing.

I urge every brave Afghan in the ranks of the foreign forces and their Afghan hirelings who may find an opportunity to utilize this opportunity effectively and quash the enemies of Islam and country in their centers and use all possible means, opportunities and tactics to strike them. This is because Jihad is an obligation enjoined on every one. It is the duty of every individual of the nation from religious perspective and on the basis of his conscious to strive for the liberation and independence of his country.

The (local) chiefs of Mujahideen are instructed to submit (the names of) those heroes who have performed such exploits to the leadership for further recognition and acknowledgement of their daring actions.

As to the future political destiny of the country, I would like to repeat that we are neither thinking of monopolizing power nor intend to spark off domestic war but only try that the future political fate of the country must be determined by the Afghans themselves without any interference from big countries and neighbors, and it must be Islamic and Afghan in form.

After the independence of the country, we should have a Sharia-based national regime with the help of Allah, the Almighty, which will bring about a sole central authority and be free from every kind of discrimination and biases. Jobs will be given on merits; territorial integrity of the country will be protected. Security will be maintained, Sharia laws will be implemented, we will guarantee rights of both male and female of the country, build economic structures and strengthen social foundations and facilities of education for all people of the country in the light of the Islamic rules and national interests, conduct all academic and cultural affairs efficiently and will, with the help of the brave nation, foil the effort of those who harbor the notion of disintegrating Afghanistan and intend to flare up domestic war to achieve their goals. They should not think that the Afghan people are so simple-mined that they would break off their deep ideological, cultural, social and historical bonds among the fraternal ethnicities. The former Soviet Union pursued the same recipe of disintegration but the result was contrary to their efforts and they themselves became entrapped in their ploy.

We want to have good relations with all those who respect Afghanistan as an independent Islamic country and their relations and approaches are not domineering and colonialist. This is what every independent and Muslim Afghan wants.

About (efforts) to reach understanding with the foreigners, I would like to say that we would continue political endeavors along with military struggle in order to obtain our Islamic and national goals and aspirations. For this purpose, we have an entity in the shape of political office to conduct the political struggle. They interact with the foreigners in view of our Islamic, Jihadic and national interests. I should say that we have no other conduit to reach an understanding with the other side except through the Political Office, because we do not play politics on this issue covertly nor we can tolerate (others) to play this. We have framed our policy to reach the understanding on the bases of religious and national values and then we have publicly announced it. If the intelligence agencies and diplomatic circles of the invading countries want to create spurious channels of negotiation and fake faces (imposters) and then make them larger-than-life figures and channels through the media, it will be nothing more than a waste of time and duping their own people.

Since independence is the right of every one, so we urge the world, the international community, particularly, the Islamic countries and the Islamic conference to help us on the basis of their (moral) responsibility in ending the occupation of our Islamic country and obtaining its independence. Similarly, they should carry out their responsibility on the basis of human sympathy in releasing our prisoners who have been passing days and nights of miserableness in Guantanamo, Bagram, other prisons and in the prisons of the neighboring countries, particularly, the human rights organizations should feel their responsibility to find out about the human rights violations of those miserable prisoners who are givens various tortures during investigation against all laws in the said prisons every day. They extort confession from them forcefully by beating them. They are deprived of their basic human rights even some of them have been martyred and became disabled.

About the desecration of the very person of the Holy Prophet, Mohammad ( peace be upon him) by the enemies of Islam through the release of a film, I strongly condemn this act and would like to say that the enemies of Islam have not left any stone unturned to distort the image of the sacred religion of Islam . At last, they resorted to (the heinous) activities to commit blasphemy against the personality of the Holy Prophet, Mohammad, (peace be upon him). They committed (such abhorrent) acts against the person of the noblest of the prophets that any individual with perfect conscious would not tolerate it to be done even against an ordinary person.

The West calls the desecration of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him) and the torching of the Holy Quran, The Divine Book, as a freedom of speech and thought in a time that if a Muslim would happen to recite verses of Jihad in the Holy Quran, The Book of Allah, the Almighty and translate them or they just demand their rights and freedom, then they put them in detention by blaming them as being terrorists and give them the most brutal tortures. Any way, their propaganda of the world of their films which is based on their imaginary views and fantasies and indicating their narrow-mindedness will only bring them shame and disgrace.

“They seek to extinguish the light of Allah, with their mouths but Allah will complete His light, much as the disbelievers may dislike it.” Holy Quran (61:8)

The Muslims should not rely only on verbal protests but strictly adhere to their sacred religion, follow the life way and instructions of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him), forge unity among themselves and embark on a practical struggle against their enemy, the colonialism.

“You have a good example (of conduct) in Allah’s Apostle (to follow). ( This is ) for any one who looks to Allah and the Last Day and remembers Allah much. Holy Quran (33:21)

The Afghans have not committed invasion against anyone else and nor we have made aggression against the territory of others but we will continue to wage Jihad against the invaders who have invaded our country until the occupation ends completely.

We told the enemy eleven years ago that their coming (to the country) will be easy but their presence and exit will be full of complications. Today’s situation displays the same picture. We have enough capability to wage a prolonged struggle against the enemy, have full trust in our Lord, great patience and enough man power. We have neither barrowed these capabilities from others nor anyone else has bestowed them on us as a favor.

If God willing, we will foil all plans of the enemy with full capability and sagacity. Our Jihadic momentum has reached a phase that enjoys comprehensive global Islamic support, sympathy of the people and with the proper hardware having been obtained, we are now in a position to face the enemy with a shocking fate in the military front, if God willing.

In these holy days and nights of Eid, I urge all well-to-do beneficent individuals and organizations to have a conduct of (compassion and intimacy) with the families of Mujahideen and the poor as they have with their own children and families, particularly, they should have compassion on the children of the martyrs and families and give them assistance either directly or through the economic commission of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and arrange to share with them the joy of Eid.

I ask Allah, the Almighty to bestow on us, the believing and Mujahid people of Afghanistan, a great substitute for the strong, brave and warm support extended to the Mujahideen against a non-believing alliance under the leadership of America for a period extending more than a decade. It is owing to this support, that the Jihad has reached its success. Similarly, I ask Allah, the Almighty to grant patience, steadfastness and a great reward to those families whose relatives have been martyred, wounded or imprisoned or sustained heavy losses in the way of the sacred Jihad or during the blind bombardment and raids of the enemy. I pray to the Almighty Allah to enable our nation to reach its ultimate aspirations for the holiness of the pure blood of the martyrs and may the flag of Islam stand raised in the country, fluttering. Amen, O Sustainer of the Worlds! Peace be upon you all.

Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid

Amirul Momineen

Servant of Islam

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


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