Military source in Ansar Al-Sharia: All options are open in our war with America and its agents

ABYAN ( – A military source in Ansar Al-Sharia ensured that all options are open in the war between the mujahidin from one side and America and it agents in Sana’a on the other side including launching a long guerrilla war in all parts of Yemen.

And he clarified that the mujahidin for a land or handful of soil as the people of Jahili Aqeedas do but they fight for religion and the implementation of the Islamic Sharia on the land of Allah Almighty, and therefore Ansar Al-Sharia have no problem in dividing their mujahidin who are estimated by the grace of Allah by thousands to small numbered groups or cells each of them do not exceed five members, after that they would spread in all the provinces and cities of Yemen to begin a long guerrilla war against the diplomatic, military, security and economic joints of the Sana’a regime and also the interests of the states that support it.

And the military source added that the experience of the mujahidin in fighting a guerrilla war against crusade America and its lackeys from the treacherous rulers proved to be very successful with the grace of Allah Almighty that led to the withdrawal of the United States from Iraq and taking a similar decision to withdraw from Afghanistan, stating that the project of the mujahidin of ruling the land of Islam with the Sharia of Allah isn’t linked to any specific timetable and that time is in the favor of the mujahidin in every land Allah willing.

Source: Madad News Agency



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