More than 100 US invaders killed in Khost operation

AFGHANISTAN ( – More than 100 US invading terrorists and tens of their puppets were killed and wounded in the martyrdom operation hit Sahrah Bagh airbase in Khost province.

According to the details, about 11 martyrdom-seeking heroes of Islamic Emirate, Shamsullah and Azimullah Khan coming from Paktia province, Muhammad Naeem, Atiqullah, Muhammad Yaqoob Ibrahimi, Karimullah and Sabeer residents of Ghazni province, Hafiz saifullah from Paktika province, Abdullah from Nangarhar and Abdurrahman from Logar province, stormed Sahra Bagh airfield in capital of Khost province, homes to hundreds of American invading troops.

The team of 11 martyr combatants armed with heavy and small arms and explosives vests in the US military uniforms got into the facility after slamming an explosive-filled truck into the airbase building.

Firstly, Shamsullah on Friday at about 1:00 p.m. carried out a martyr attack trough a truck packed with 10 tons of explosives roughly 10 thousand kilo grams, targeting the hotels and dining areas and gyms within the base in which dozens of the American cowardly troops were blowing to pieces and eliminated.

Soon after this huge and powerful explosion, 10 of 11 martyrdom-seeking Mujahideen entered the base facility and fought with rockets, hand grenades, explosive vests and heavy and light machine guns till 4:00 p.m., killing and wounding several dozens of US invading terrorist troops.

At about 5:00 p.m. Mujahideen detonated a motorbike parked outside near the gate of the base at puppets assisting the invaders in  which more than 20 Afghan puppet soldiers were killed and wounded, whereas as many as 170 motorcycles were destroyed in the explosion.

The operation went on till the evening hours of the day in manner that Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate took the airbase under attack from both inside by 10 combatants fighting the invading forces inside the base and from outside by other Mujahideen which made the enemy forces unable to use any aerial support. Two attack helicopters and a huge military plane as well as many tanks, fuel tankers, vehicles and fuel depots were set on fire and burned to ash.

It was the worst single-day losses for the US invaders and their puppets since the “Operation AL-Farooq” began and the local and western-flounced media’s reports on this successful operation are one-sided and based on false propaganda which attempt to understate the most lethal losses inflicted on the enemies, in particular on US invaders and undermine Mujahideen success. On the other hand, locals of the area and the US invaders themselves are well aware of the ground reality which speaks for itself.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan



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