Mujahideen of AQAP capture base of 119th Brigade in Lahij and naval base in Aden

ADEN ( – Ansar Forum, citing Yemeni newspaper Al-Yaman al-Jadid and local source, reported that the Mujahideen of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) had completely destroyed on Saturday the 119th Infantry Brigade and took under control the enemy base in al-Harror region, which is located between the town of Waqar (formerly Jaar) and the district of Al-Malah in the province of Lahij.

A source inside the puppet military units said that the Mujahideen captured the base, 2 tanks, heavy weapons and military vehicles. One tank was sent to the town of Waqar.

The fierce battle lasted for 3 hours. According to the news agency Xinhua the AQAP Command reported that at least 30 puppets had been killed and a large number captured as a result of the assault. The remnants of the puppet forces were driven out of the base and escaped in full from the region.

“During the battle, our holy war fighters attacked an army base, killing more than 30 soldiers and many others surrendered… we managed to seize the base along with its heavy weaponry, tanks and armored vehicles”, said a statement of the command of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

After some time, a military convoy of the 201st Mechanized Brigade of Saleh’s regime moved toward the captured base, but it was ambushed by the Mujahideen and a fierce battle broke out. Its details were not reported.

Meanwhile, the residents of the country’s main port city of Aden reported that on Saturday that the AQAP Mujahideen had stormed the enemy naval forces base in the area of at-Tawahi.

The Mujahideen, who took positions in a club “Nashwan”, began massive bombardment of the base with mortars. Witnesses reported seeing the marines fleeing from its territory.

The witnesses said that the attack had occurred when a convoy of the “Southern Movement” leader Mohammed Ali Ahmed, who returned from abroad, was passing by outside of it, but the sources assured that he was not in that convoy.

Meanwhile the command of AQAP appointed new commanders after the martyrdom of the previous ones earlier in March. According to the sources, Al-Khader Hussein Al-Jadaan was appoited the Emir of AQAP in Abyan, Al-Hamza Mohammed Al-Shayba was appoined the governor of the town of Mudiyah, and Adib al-Nakha – the governor of the town of Lawdar.

The intelligence of the ruling regime and local sources in the district of Arhab said that Mujahideen of al-Qaeda planned a large-scale offensive on the positions of the puppets in the capital of Sana’a.

The sources claim that the operation will be headed by Emir Qassim Al-Rimi (aka Abu Hurairah Al-Sana’ani ) and Emir al-Zahrani. It is claimed that a special group will consist of over 300 Mujahideen, it has been prepared specially for resonant operations to break through the defense of the puppets and fire at moving targets.

At the same time, local sources in Arhab reported that hundreds of the AQAP Mujahideen had come from different provinces to this area near the capital. They are housed in camps in several areas of Zandan, Yahis and Salm. Intelligence sources of the puppets say that about 12 million rials will be allocated to carry out a major operation.

According to them, the AQAP fighters prepared several explosives-laden vehicles in Sana’a and were able to set several improvised explosive devices to a number of strategic sites, including the air base in the capital. Several anti-installations have been deployed near the air base, and the Mujahideen developed a definite plan to combat the airborne puppets.

The same sources claim that the first aim of the Mujahideen in the near future will be the base of the Republican Guard in the area of Arhab, against which they will carry out several simultaneous martyrdom operations and massed missile attack from multiple rocket launchers like Katyusha, which were deployed by the Mujahideen in the district of Yahis and Shiraa.

The puppets claim that mortar attacks will be carried out on a location of the Republican Guard in the areas of as-Soma and Firaja, then the Mujahideen will attack the shelled bases and positions of puppets, which will give them an opportunity to take quickly and easily the control over the northern districts of Sana’a, including the international airport.

Meanwhile, on Friday evening, a special group of AQAP blew up a 320-mile pipeline, which was used for an illegal supply of liquefied gas from the oil-rich province of Marib to the terminal of Balhaf in Shabwa for further export to the West. After the explosion, the French company Total announced the suspension of its gas exports.

“Gas production has been already stopped due to the pipeline bombing, and the production is expected to be limited to four export lots”, the statement said.

source : Kavkaz Center


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