Mujahideen seize several military facilities at entrance to Yemeni capital

SANA’A ( – Ansar Forum reported that the command of the Mujahideen of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (aka AQAP or Ansar al-Sharia) has prepared a report about several operations conducted on Monday. Operations were directed against the mercenaries of the so-called “committees” and the regime’s military positions in Sana’a, resulting in 11 puppets being killed and many wounded.

In a press release the Mujahideen command reported that on Monday, when the Mujahideen stormed several military facilities in the province of Sana’a, they were using the tactics of concentrated fire-power.

The command’s statement emphasizes that the AQAP units took control of the objects at the entrance to the capital of Sana’a.  Military minions, who were in the area, have fled since.

Another press release of the command of al-Qaeda was dedicated to the elimination of colonel of “political security” in the province of Taiz.

It is reported that the Mujahideen on motorcycles intercepted the car of Ismail Ba’elwi at 5:00 pm. It happened in the area located south of the eponymous provincial capital of Taiz. Colonel was shot with machine guns. The ringleader died on the spot.

The command stressed that Ba’elwi served as director of prisons of the regime’s “Political Security” in Taiz.

Also, as it became known at the next day, after a fierce battles for the city of Lauder in Abyan, during the liberation of its suburbs, the Mujahideen were able to capture a large number of small, light and heavy weapons, four tanks, three artillery installations DC, 10 rocket shells BI, anti-aircraft guns, a large number of military uniforms.

Dozens of Mujahideen attacked a checkpoint of pro-government tribal militants in Lauder, resulting in the killing of not less than 2 puppets. It turned out that the checkpoint had been visited by four local tribal ringleaders supporting the remnants of the puppet army in the city at the moment of the attack. It is alleged that they were able to survive the attack.

Meanwhile, dozens of military puppets were eliminated during the raid by Mujahideen of al Qaeda against the base of one of the divisions of the puppet regime, which was held on Tuesday morning in the central area of the province.

“We have a well-trained army in Marib, and that was a another small message to the Sana’a government that we can reach its interests and troops in any place at any time … it’s our turn that we can attack the ally of the United States while they cannot”, said one of the officials of the AQAP.

Storming the base of the military division of the puppet “government” took place near the main road connecting the province of Marib and the south-eastern province of Hadramawt.

“Until now, 17 soldiers are confirmed dead after raids by al- Qaida militants on their barracks in al-Dhubaiby area in Marib”, said on condition of anonymity one of the puppet officials.

Two puppets were in critical condition. The attack in the oil-rich province was the second of its kind in the last 4 days.

Not fewer than 8 military puppets were killed and four injured when the Mujahideen of AQAP attacked an army post in the same province. The puppets officials quoted commander of the post as saying the Mujahideen were on four pickups when they attacked the puppet soldiers in the al-Shabkar area.

Dozens of AQAP fighters “armed with various weapons were onboard the pickups and after the attack they headed to Jawf province”, the official added.

In addition, on Monday, the Mujahideen eliminated a military puppet in the southern port city of Aden. The puppet was killed in the al-Mansur area in the morning.

Also, according to local residents, unidentified armed men, allegedly members of the local secessionist Southern Movement blocked the main roads leading to Aden. Sporadic gunshots were heard in different parts of the city, especially from the Central Prison in the al-Mansur.

Source : Kavkaz Center


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