Muslim Won’t Be Appreciated Until They Have Own State

OSLO – In a new interview, Mulla Krekar, the Kurdish refugee and ex-leader if the Islamic organization, Ansar al Islam, said that he hoped Usamah bin Laden and other leaders of Islam would become the head of a superpower Islamic state.

“The Muslims will become like the Jews in Europe exactly before they establish the khilafah. Without a state we would not have any values,” Krekar said in an interview with Arabic TV channel, al Hiwar.

The interview was aired in the Arab satellite channel in October 2009, and it could be accessed in Youtube. Both the Norwegians or the international press people did not talk about this interview.

In the interview, Krekar had a discussion with an Islamic academician, Azzaz Tamimi. The long interview was conducted at the residence of Krekar in Gronlond, Oslo. He also discussed about the prerequisites for a dialogue with the West. In this context, Krekar made clear his thoughts about Usamah bin Ladin and Al-Qaedah.

“When we have an Islamic state, led by someone like Usamah bin Ladin, with Gulbuddin Hekmatyar or Ayman Al-Zawahiri as the foreign minister, only then we could have a dialogue with them (the West) as a parallel party,” he said.

Hekmatyar is the leader of the Hezb-e Islami party in Afghanistan. Al-Zawahiri is Laden’s representative in the council of Al-Qaeda.

The interviewer, Tamimi, like Krekar also had the background of an activist in an Islamic movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, confronted Mulla Krekar by saying that his statement would scare the people of Norway.

“Don’t you think that hoping for an establishment of an Islamic state led by Usamah bin Ladin would make the Norwegians feel scared?” Tamimi asked.

“Yes. In fact, it is good if this will make them feel scared. Good!”

Krekar did not regret having the interview with that Arabic TV channel.

“What do I have to lose from this interview? I got the attention from the South and the North. This interview does not hurt me,” ujar said.

Krekar said that though he supported Usamah bin Ladin namun, he did not have a connection with his network.

Krekar used the word “khilafah” in the interview in order to clearly illustrate the state that he meant which is led by the leadership of Al-Qaeda.

“The khilafah is the final goal of this movement. The Jihadis believed that all the territorial boundaries are illegitimate. With the exception of the Taliban authority, there is no one country today that is legitimate in their eyes. The Jihadis are involved in winning over the territorial controls, and by establishing the emirates they think it would expand and jointly accumulate and later grow to become one unit above a nation,” Brynjar Lia from the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, said.

“However, it is still unclear as to what form and how the state would look like afterwards.”

Krekar said that only when such a khilafah exists that a relevant dialogue could take place. If the US pulls out from the Islamic world and Israel disappears, then the jihadis would consider a dialogue. The West could continue to exist as long as they accept the khilafah as a dominant power in the world.

Krekar said that in the 20 years to come, there would be an Islamic state led by Usamah bin Ladin, and suggested to the Muslims to treat the West similar to how they treat the Muslims.(haninmazaya/TUM/


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