Obama’s useless call on ‘moderate’ Taliban

Since Obama declared that the United States is officially losing the war in Afghanistan (we already knew that a long time ago), this rat is now focusing on trying to get the Taliban to turn on al-Qaa’idah. Some have said that it’s entirely useless because Taliban and al-Qaa’idah are like one entity; the Arabs have lived amongst the Pashtun’s for 30+ years, they have intermarried between them, their kids grew up together, they have fought side-by-side, they pray side-by-side, and they learn the religion side-by-side. You cannot divide the number 1 any further; it’s impossible. This shameless president should just pull his troops out of Afghanistan and end their War of Terrorism, otherwise destruction is what’s awaiting them.

If Obama continues on this path of sending a surge into Afghanistan, our prediction is that this will be the final blow to the United States Empire and the American dream will finally collapse. The transfer of ’superpower’ will then be moved to Israel, most likely. Wallahu ‘Alam.

The following is taken from Reuters:

KABUL (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama’s proposal to reach out to moderate Taliban will fail to end the Afghan insurgency as it is inflexible Taliban leaders who are orchestrating the war, not moderates, analysts said.


“Obama’s comment resemble a dream more than reality,” said Waheed Mozhdah, an analyst who has written a book on the Taliban.

“Where are the so-called moderate Taliban? Who are the moderate Taliban?” asked Mozhdah, who was an official in both the Taliban and the Karzai governments.

“Taliban leaders are behind the insurgency, not the so-called moderates. To put an end to the war, they have to be included in any talks, their views should be heard,” Mozhdah said.


“The Taliban are very rigid in their demands. They actually don’t want to talk unless there is some guarantee that Western forces will leave,” he said.


“They have Mullah Omar as their leader. They have to approach Mullah Omar and as we all know he is very inflexible.”


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