On Keith Ellison’s strategy for Afghanistan

Today as I was eating dinner, I saw Keith Ellison interviewed on CNN. Keith Ellison is a so-called Muslim that is a Congressman for Minnesota. He is known for defending gay rights and falling into the blatant kufr of Istihlal. His supporters claim he does this to give a good ‘image’ to Islam. Anyways, today he was discussing the problem of Obama’s healthcare and before the interview ended, he was asked about what should be done in Afghanistan.

You won’t believe what this Munafiq had said.

He had a strategic plan in mind. And it was a brilliant plan for helping the Crusaders win the war in Afghanistan. He said that there should be a “civilian surge” as opposed to violence. It’s the first time I’ve heard of such a term, but he was saying Obama was making promises that he would do it (but has failed in his promise apparently). The purpose of this “civilian surge” would be to strengthen the economy in Afghanistan so that everyone could respect the Crusader’s more. In other words, he wants to deceive the Muslims in to believing that the Crusaders are good people who came to Afghanistan for noble reasons. Essentially, he sees himself on the same side of the Crusade.

Now, if he’s of this opinion because he doesn’t want to offend the Muslims with a more violent approach, that still doesn’t change the fact that he’s helping the Crusaders with his opinion, a deed which has been agreed upon by the ‘Ulema as one which is equal to Apostasy based upon the hadeeth of Hatib ibn Abi Balta’ah and other evidences.

Please see the book, ‘The Exposition Regarding the Disbelief of the one that assist the Americans” for all the evidences. (revolution/arrahmah.com)


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