One of the most famous American torture techniques used against Muslims





The following video shows one the most well-known torture techniques which the American’s use on the Muslims. It is called Waterboarding. From the outside, it doesn’t seem that bad, but when one is under that towel, then it is another story of great pain. In the above picture, we see a demonstrator showing us how strange this torture technique is, yet very quickly, the strong can be broken.

In the following video, a man who has taught the American soldiers how to resist the waterboarding techniques [and not use it], for the first time, goes through it to see what it’s like. To watch the video, click here. To read his experience about the demonstration, click here.

May Allah’s curse be upon these Kuffaar who torture our brothers and sisters. May Allah allow the Mujaahideen to slaughter their heads off. May Allah allow the believers to witness these cursed Kuffaar being flung into the Hellfire for eternity, screaming for help when there is no help. May Allah allow the Angels who show No Mercy to the disbelievers, waterboard these wretched Kuffaar for eternity, and never let them rest. (prince/armnews)