Poland to reinstate ritual halal slaughter

WARSAW (Arrahmah.com) – After condemned by Muslim and Jewish communities, Poland government has decided to amend its law to allow ritual slaughter one week after its ban by a decision from the European country’s constitutional court.

“This is the quickest way to change the law, as a [new] bill by the government would require protracted public consultation,” Stanislaw Kalemba, the minister of agriculture, told Polish news channel TVP, Russia Today reported on Friday, (12/7).

Uproar followed a decision by Poland’s top court last November 28, ruling that the religious slaughter of animals is illegal.

The Polish court considered the case following a petition by animal welfare groups.

Attorney General Andrzej Seremet, at the request of animal rights’ groups, argued that a 2004 amendment allowing ritual slaughter on religious grounds was unconstitutional in that it contravened animal rights legislation dating back to 1997.

Under the 1997 laws, slaughter should only “follow the loss of consciousness” after a farm animal is stunned.

The ban sparked outrage from Muslims and Jews because they feel that their religious rights are violated. (siraaj/onislam/arrahmah.com)


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